Layer Cake (2004)

28 Nov

Layer Cake is a more than typically clever drugs and guns flick.  It is full of guns (obviously), drugs (obviously), British accents, deception, plot twists, and several actors who are also in Harry Potter films (but no spells).  On the whole, the film was excellent, except I could have done without Sienna Miller.  I can always do without Sienna Miller.  Tom Hardy is in this film also, but his part is far too short.  I can always do with some more Tom Hardy.

I especially liked that the plot twists were neither painfully predictable, nor overwhelmingly complicated.  I tend to pay half-attention to films, and while my ears did have to perk up and I had to focus a little more to sort things out at times, by no means was I ever lost.

I am shocked that this movie is from 2004.  I had only heard of it recently, and had assumed it was a 2011 movie that I just missed.  Netflix it, kids. It’s a good show.

One Response to “Layer Cake (2004)”

  1. laceyjbrown November 29, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    Never heard of it! I’ll check it out. Although if it is in British I won’t be able to understand what they say. 😉

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