Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

3 Dec

How do I even explain this movie? It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic type drama, kind of a fantasy, kind of a coming of age story. Even without reviewing a list of the best movies of 2012, I can easily tell you this is my favorite. It is unique, accessible, and beautiful. This film fully deserves the Best Picture Oscar.

beastin' on crab - _DSC8525.NEF

Beasts follows the Lord of the Flies style survival of families roughing it in “the Bathtub”– a former land mass that has since been flooded out and cut off from dry land by the levees. Six year old Hushpuppy is all but abandoned by her parents, starving and struggling, but she has astounding grace and maturity. There is one scene where she accidentally starts a terrible fire, and instead of evacuating, she hides under a paper box. I was practically screaming at the television “GET OUT OF THERE!” and then realized that wait, she is six. Of course she would hide under a paper box, she is terrified and has no idea what is going on. I was so distracted by her maturity and self-sufficiency that I forgot what a child she truly is.


Beasts is amazing. Truly amazing.

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