It’s the weekend, party party!

16 Dec

The theme for this weekend is “How much stuff can we fit in one weekend?” The answer: A LOT.  Actually, the theme of this weekend is “Party! Party! Party!”  Friday morning featured Nina Barbuto’s excellent talk about Making Learning a Party at the inaugural Creative Mornings Pittsburgh.  That was such a fantastic event that I plan to write about it separately.  Then I got back to my office and found out I got a great order on a matter I’ve been fretting about, so it was more Party! Party! Party!

The weekend proper kicked off pretty mellow. The Beez family spent Friday night at home, babysitting our friends’ infant while they had a date night at the movies. Baby Beez was charmed by the little guy, and was so excited to show him all her stuff. She kept bringing things to him, “Look baby! Elmo!” “Look baby! A Balloon!” “Look baby!…” Mr. Beez worked his baby swaddling magic, and that kid snoozed the whole evening (and apparently even all night after he went home).

Friday ended up being a great evening for babysitting, because I had to hover around my computer til 3am to deal with various federal e-filings.  E-filing is simultaneously the most convenient thing ever, and the bane of my existence. Yay/boo e-filing.

Saturday featured Party! Party! Party! of the more traditional sort.  We were running early for Mr. Beez’ work holiday party, so we sauntered on down to Speakeasy at the Omni William Penn.


This actually isn’t in Speakeasy, it’s the giant gingerbread hotel in the lobby of the Wm Penn. It’s 5 feet tall and pretty awesome.


I have all glowing things to say about Speakeasy. I was a little skeptical going in, because the bar seems to be a little late in the craft cocktails trend, and because (with the exception of Andy’s in the Fairmont) hotel bars don’t tend to be the kind of place I think of when I’m picking a place to go out with friends.  Speakeasy, however, would be a great location for happy hour.  In the lower level of the hotel, and with no windows, it’s a great hideaway for drinks during the cold winter.

My first drink was a Pimm’s cup.  Craft cocktails are small and time intensive.  My first thought was “this is really small!” Except it’s not. I’ve just become accustomed to the ever-increasing size of beverage cups in general.   The flavors were complex and the drink was made with care.


All the fancy garnishes.

The barkeep, Dawn, was cheerful and thrilled to talk with us about her craft.  She has gone through specialized training to make these particular kind of cocktails, and wasn’t annoyed in the least with all my questions.  The bar area is small, really with room for only her, but she has efficiently mastered the space.  I enjoyed watching her whir from one end of the bar to the next, quickly but with focus.



My second drink was a Moscow Mule.  It’s easy to see why this drink has been so trendy lately.  Drinks with rosemary or mint often taste soapy to me, but the ingredients in the Moscow Mule come together deliciously.

Speakeasy Social Lounge on Urbanspoon

After Speakeasy it was on to Mr. Beez’ company party, where we had a nice time with his work-friends.  Then we were off to the Jewish Federation Vodka/Latke party to party on with our fellow Jews.  This year it was held at Space Gallery, and we drank and ate and danced and spun dreidels (not really).



One Response to “It’s the weekend, party party!”

  1. Melissa (@bettyandboo) December 16, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Wasn’t Creative Mornings such a fun event? Wish I had the chance to meet you there – maybe at the next one! I’m planning to blog about it too (was going to on Friday, but the Newtown shootings made that impossible.)

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