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Total Recall (2012)

18 Dec

Mr. Beez is a HUGE sci-fi fan.  I like me some good sci-fi, but Mr. Beez could plant himself in front of a TV and watch every version of Dune back to back for days on end.  We were both excited when the remake of Total Recall was announced, because we both love the campy, silly, but awesome original.


Since we do not frequently get to the theater, we marked our calendars for the OnDemand release.  The day was today! Hooray!

Total Recall Film Reboot

Too bad the Reboot gets a D-

By no means are we purists.  We both like a good remake that deviates from the original, as long as it adds some new creative vision, and maintains the core elements that made the original so great.  Total Recall failed miserably with this.  The only common thread between the original and the remake is that they both deal with implanted memories, and both have a brief scene with a woman with 3 breasts.  The remake is much more of an action movie than sci-fi.  The remake lacks:

1. Outer space whatsoever.  The remake is all on earth.

2. Much of a backstory, other than “good guys” and “bad guys”

3. Kwato

4. Anything remotely sci-fi-ish

5.  Anything resembling the campy weirdness that made the original so great.

In other disappointing news, Attack of the Show is being cancelled.  Please send my husband your condolences, because he may never recover from that heartbreak.