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Try it, You’ll Like It.

19 Dec

Inspired by my friend Jill who, despite being a life-long Pittsburgher has never eaten stuffed cabbage (whut?)  here is a list in no particular order of things I thought were totally totally totally gross, and then I tried them and learned they were awesome:

Popcorn Balls.  Seriously, the most delicious food ever.  Rice krispie treats are good, but they’ve got nothing on popcorn balls.


Bloody Marys. They make my Sundays complete.


Candied salmon, also sometimes known as Indian Candy.  It’s basically salmon jerky. And yes, it sounds and looks totally gross. But OMG this stuff is delicious. I tried it when I was in Vancouver over the summer and now I want to eat it all day long.  And I just learned that they stock it at the Co-Op.  I’m in heaven.


And just because, here are some things that actually ARE gross:

Nutella, and anything else containing hazelnuts.  I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I ate a whole jar of Nutella when I was a child, and hazelnuts have made me gag ever since.


Salt licorice.  This stuff is nasty.  Every Scandinavian I’ve met loves the stuff, but I don’t get it. Gross.


Eyeballs.  I know that fish eyeballs are in some cultures considered a delicacy. No way. I can’t do it. I can’t even bring myself to look for a picture of it on an internet.