Holiday outing at .@OglebayResort

23 Dec

I drove Baby Beez down a small street in Greenfield, and upon seeing two houses all alight for Christmas, she squealed “PRETTY LIGHTS! OH THANK YOU, MOMMY!”

The lights weren’t my doing, but sure, I’ll take credit.

It was clear that a Christmas lights outing was in order. Friends who have grown up near Pittsburgh have shared happy memories of viewing the lights at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV. I’m always up for a drive to a town that has a Tim Hortons, so off to Wheeling we went.


And yes, we did stop at the Tim Horton’s for donuts.


Our timing for this outing was coincidentally perfect. We arrived around 4pm, and had time for Baby Beez to check out the reptiles and small animals in the Good Zoo.



We also checked out the miniature railroad. This was also a big hit with my Thomas the Tank Engine loving toddler.



We caught a Christmas themed laser light show, which she loved (note to self: laser shows at the Carnegie Science Center are on the must-do list for this kid!)

A little before 6pm we hopped in the car and drove through the resort to see the lights. Starting right at sunset was ideal timing, we moved steadily through the park. By the time we were leaving, there was a huge line that stretched all the way down the hill. I don’t think anyone in our car would have had the patience to sit through all that.





My favorite part of this outing was that it was an activity we could share in. Most of the activities we do are either grown up activities where we bring Baby Beez along (and hope she cooperates), or they are kid activities that don’t offer so much for grown ups. Mr. Beez and I aren’t totally crazy over Christmas lights, but we did both have an enjoyable time, and found that Oglebay’s holiday attractions are well suited for both kids and grown ups.

Oglebay’s Winter Festival of Lights is running through January 6. It’s well worth the hour drive from the ‘burgh. Happy holidays, yinz!!


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