Dinner at .@VerdePgh Ole!

24 Dec

Verde generously hosted last month’s Pittsburgh TweetUp, and generously offered a 20% discount on all gift cards purchased by attendees (I can’t pass up a discount!) The following night, Mr. Beez and I had the sitter lined up so we could attend Bill Peduto’s Holiday Party, but after a week of party after party, I was partied out. Mr. Beez and I decided that a quiet dinner out was in order.

So yes, I went to Verde two nights in a row. And if you asked me to go again now, heck yes I would. I loved the Paloma cocktail– it’s fully of tangy grapefruit, and very margaritalike. I also had a different cocktail but can’t remember what it is. But here is a picture of that mystery cocktail. It was good, just not as good as the Paloma.



Tequila selection. Yes, they haz it.

They start you off with hot chips and salsa. I know that warm tortilla chips are commonplace in a Mexican restaurant, but they are GOOD. Chips taste so much better when they are warm, so that made me happy.

We started with the chorizo mac and cheese. The mac & cheese was creamy and rich, but there was very little chorizo.  Even with the chorizo deficit, the dish was great and I’d happily order it again (but I’d ask for more chorizo chorizo chorizo!)


I ordered tamales. I love tamales, and Pittsburgh is seriously lacking in them (can tamales be the new taco, please?) The masa/filling proportion was perfect, and the meat was so flavorful. On the first bite, I stopped and said “Wow, this is good!” The entree is also very big, and I was happy that I had half of it left over for lunch the next day. The rice and beans were satisfying, but did not particularly stand out. The tamales were excellent, though.


Mr. Beez ordered carne asada and also loved it. He is not big on sauces, but he loved the cilantro sauce drizzled all about. He did let me have a bite of it, but I was still fixated on how much I loved my tamales, and did not pay attention to the steak.


We finished off our meal with churros. I can’t resist churros. There need to be more churros in the world.


Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina on Urbanspoon


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