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A Momentum Driven Life

26 Dec

It’s New Years Resolution time.

snoopy-new-yearI have only resolution in 2013: For me to lead my life, instead of the momentum in my life driving itself.

One thing is obvious from this blog: I love doing stuff.  I love going to lectures, concerts, shows, events, dinners, meetups, anything and everything.  I love being involved and contributing and getting to know people.  But the momentum of doing things builds on itself, and going to events twice a month turns into once a week turns into four days a week I’ve scheduled things after work.  And that means I’ve got to get out of the office at a particular time to get to an event, and then I’ve got to fit the work I haven’t finished into those little windows of time in between things.  And then the things most normal people do with those little windows of time (exercise, grocery shop, just sit down and breathe) get squeezed out of my life.

This isn’t an issue of saying “no.” I don’t feel like the demands on my time are external, and there have been occasions where I’ve told people I can’t do or attend things because I’m simply at capacity for the projects I can handle.  This is more of an issue of learning to harness my enthusiasm.  I hear about things going on, and I get excited and want to be a part of everything.  But I can’t be a part of everything, no one can be a part of everything.  But if I focus my energies on planning better, I will continue to be able to go to the awesome events and be involved in the awesome projects this city offers, and hopefully not run myself ragged.

What are your resolutions for 2013?