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Time to complain

28 Dec

Because I’m tired and grouchy.  So here is a list of things I hate:

  1. People who reach the end of an escalator and just STOP THERE instead of getting the heck out of the way.
  2. Same thing with people exiting revolving doors.
  3. People who rush to enter an elevator, without letting others get out.
  4. Mommybloggers who describe themselves as the executive of their family’s “corporation.”
  5. Blog ads that pop up right in the middle of whatever I’m trying to read.
  6. When the half & half is out at the coffee shop.
  7. People who walk three across on the sidewalk.
  8. People who walk slowly on the sidewalk and weave back and forth inevitably always in front of whatever direction I’m trying to take to get around them.
  9. When my kid rips out magazine pages including the article I really wanted to read.  (Yes, I’m bitter about not getting to finish the article about crazy John McAfee in this month’s Wired).
  10. When I’m all excited about having a coffee drink and then the coffee ends up being nasty (I’m looking at you, Wendy’s terrible Coffee Roaster thing).
  11. Pretty much everything that deals with airports/flying.


So what are you complaining about today?