Not a bad start to the New Year

1 Jan

Last night we had a delicious dinner with our friends Sandy and Ben at Alla Famiglia (more on that tasty experience to come later), then spent the rest of the evening at home sipping champagne and watching New Years Eve with our kiddo.  In my true lazy fashion, I fell asleep on the couch well before midnight.

I’m excited to restart my book and movie lists for 2013.  I was really surprised by how many books and movies I got through.  I watched 138 movies in 2012 (some of them multiple times) and read 41 books. Not too shabby at all.

This morning I got to sleep in til 9, started the day off with some Starbucks, and now we’re hanging out at the in-laws.  We’re relaxing and watching TV, and later this evening Mr. Beez and I will go see Flashdance at Heinz Hall!  No complaints here, it’s a nice way to start the year.


2013 looks to be a good one.  I’ve set the foundation for my grown up life– I’m pretty satisfied with how things are in my professional, civic and personal lives.  There’s plenty of room to grow, but I have sorted out a solid foundation to start from.  2013 is going to be the year of bigger, stronger, faster, better.

In the professional sphere, I’m kicking off the year by leaving for Trial College at the University of Virginia on Friday.  It’s a five day intense seminar on trial skills, where you learn through classroom style teaching, and also putting together your own trial start-to-finish.  I’ve been told it will be exhausting but awesome.  I’m looking forward to this amazing learning opportunity.

In the civic sphere, I’m still working hard at getting sponsors and attendees to the Haitian Families First Back to School Party on January 31.  I’m also going to work hard this year to up my blog/social media engagement.  I read tons of blogs, but I need to get better at getting into the conversation with comments, RT’s, Follow Fridays, etc.

In my personal life, I’ve spent 16 weeks so far working hard with Weight Watchers and have seen some good success.  I’m looking forward to keep moving toward my goal weight, and to incorporate more exercise into my life.  I failed to get to yoga today, but that’s OK because I took advantage of one of the very rare opportunities I have for sleeping past 7am.  I plan to do more yoga, and also experiment with some fun new workouts.  Aerial Yoga maybe?

What does 2013 have in store for you?

One Response to “Not a bad start to the New Year”

  1. JasmineKyleSings January 2, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    I hope to report good success with my dieting to!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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