Making Learning a Party Party! with @assemblepgh and @Pittsburgh_CM

7 Jan

If there’s something you want to make happen, you can make it happen in Pittsburgh.

I love how Kate Stolzfus saw how awesome the CreativeMornings lecture series in, and said “Hey, I’m going to make this happen here!”

And I love how the inaugural CreativeMornings breakfast in Pittsburgh sold out well in advance of the date, and had a waiting list of people eager to participate.

And I love how excited everyone was to be there. Excited to meet new people. Excited to share ideas. Excited to create ideas. Excited to make things HAPPEN.


Nina Barbuto spoke at the December breakfast, about her project Assemble.  Assemble hosts learning parties in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  These learning parties bring together experts (also known as “big kids”) and kids from the neighborhood, and they explore and create all kinds of things.  Past topics have included robots, weather, technology, all KINDS of things.

The kids are learning. The big kids are learning. Everyone has an awesome time, because the learning is a PARTY PARTY, and not constricted by things like standardized testing or curriculum.  The kids and experts work together to explore new topics, and learn all about the world around them.


I look back on my childhood, my college years even, and I admonish myself for not recognizing how FUN and AMAZING all the learning opportunities I had were.  I grumbled that I had to read this book or that book in college, but in retrospect, reading those books taught me so many things that were pretty cool.  I have finally learned to appreciate opportunities to explore new things in the world around me (that’s why I love writing articles so darn much), but I have a tinge of regret about those years and years of school where I had the time to really dig in and learn about stuff.  I’m glad the kids participating in Assemble are getting an opportunity to learn for the sake of learning, and having an awesome time of it.

The next CreativeMornings breakfast is this Friday, January 11 at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater.  The theme is “Happiness”, and will feature David Newell, better known as Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood as the guest speaker.  Tickets are not yet sold out, so get yours at this link, and I’ll see you there!!


3 Responses to “Making Learning a Party Party! with @assemblepgh and @Pittsburgh_CM”

  1. Kate Stoltzfus January 7, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    Thank you so much for this awesome post! Glad you enjoyed the first event, and looking forward to seeing you Friday!

  2. Jenna Hatfield January 7, 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    Hooray for Pittsburgh!

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