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Andy’s Wine Bar @FairmontPgh

14 Jan

Ah, Andy’s. It’s simply impossible for me to say anything bad about this place. I love it. I’m a sucker for fancy things, and Andy’s is fancy. Fancy drinks, fancy location but also laid back enough that I feel comfortable there in almost any attire. A business suit, a fashionable dress, heck even jeans fit in just fine here.


Celebrating my birthday at Andy’s with my pals.

Andy’s has an extensive drink menu, and I’ve found something to my satisfaction regardless of what I have a taste for that particular day.  They’ve got citrusy drinks, potent drinks, even warm cozy drinks perfect for sipping in front of the fire. 

I don’t remember what this was called, but it was full of big chunks of apple and I loved it.


Mr. Beez and I stopped by Andy’s before a show a few weeks ago.  I was feeling a little tired and a little whiny, and this Southwest cider was just what I needed.  It’s a warm apple cider spiked with tequila.  The alcohol gave it a little kick and warmed you right up.  

The upside of a bar in a hotel is that it’s pretty much always open.  Sundays? Yup. Holidays? Of course.  So who’s up for happy hour?

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