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A Lovely Little Day Trip to Christian W. Klay Winery

28 Jan

As much as I love wine, I’m not particularly familiar with wineries in this region.  When LivingSocial offered wine tastings and tours of Christian W. Klay winery near Nemacolin Woodlands, I quickly snapped that up!  Our visit was in late January, so the vines were dormant, but that hardly detracted from the tour.

Roy is in charge of all things agricultural at the winery, and he proudly taught us about his craft.  This winery is a true family business, and they take enormous pride in their work.  Roy was so excited to tell us about all the grapes he had experimented with and all of the seminars he has taken, and all of the famous winemakers he has met.  There are few things more fun than listening to someone share their craft, when they are truly passionate about their job.  Even though I’m not one to dig in the dirt, I eagerly signed up to the winery’s volunteer mailing list.  They have volunteer grape picking sessions, and I can’t wait to get out there this summer and help with the harvest!

Klay winery offers a wide variety of whites, reds and fruit wines.  Their focus is not “what’s popular?” but “what can we do best?”  Although Mr. Beez and I are always an easy sell when it comes to wine, it was refreshing that there was no pressure whatsoever to buy.  Nonetheless we found several wines we really loved, and ended up purchasing four bottles.  I’m generally more of a red drinker than a white drinker, but I love super super dry white wine.  Klay offered two very dry whites that I absolutely loved (the “Fort Necessity” and the “Blanc de Lafeyette”).  The winery’s price point is very reasonable ($14-20).  Lucky for me, they also sell at the wine shop at Station Square, so I won’t have to haul all the way back to Fayette County when these delicious bottles are long gone.

We had a lovely afternoon touring the winery, and I’m very excited to learn more about Western Pennsylvania wineries and hopefully visit a few more once we get back to warm weather!