Adventures in Fire and Glass at .@pghglasscenter

1 Mar

I’ve been intending to take a workshop at the Pittsburgh Glass Center for ages and ages and ages (it was on my 30 before 30 list), and finally got around to it a couple weeks ago.  Sandy and I signed up for the paperweights class.  We were very excited about it, and then I got there and realized I had no idea what I was doing, and there was lots of fire, so I made lots of nervous faces like this:

See, lots of hot fiery things.

The class was very basic.  If you can follow basic instructions like “do not put your hand on molten glass” and have reasonable impulse control, you can successfully complete this workshop.  The class begins with a demonstration of how to make a paperweight.  Even though paperweights are very pretty and complex looking, they take only about 10 minutes to make.  The class is scheduled for 2 hours because the instructors take the care to walk each student through the steps individually.  This results in all students successfully making a pretty paperweight, and all students not being horribly burned to a crisp.  Everybody wins. 

The Glass Center offers all kinds of different glass workshops, including glassblowing, mosaics, etc, and these classes vary in skill level from the most basic beginner to advanced techniques.  The classes are a little pricy (our 2 hour workshop was $70), but the Glass Center opens its doors for FREE during “Hot Jam” on the first Friday of every month (as part of Penn Ave Unblurred). 

The Glass Center is a perfect venue to go on a date or out with friends for an event that’s just a little different than the usual dinner or happy hour.  I’m definitely glad we went and would love to take more classes.  I wish I had the time to take their classes that run over multiple sessions, but since I don’t have the time for that, I am very thankful that they offer one-off workshops that I can plug into my schedule here and there when I have a little time for some creativity.



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