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Pittsburgh St Pats Parade

18 Mar

Mr. Beez was a band geek in high school and marched in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade several times.  There are tons of Irish people in Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh parade is the second largest in the country (NYC is No. 1).  The St. Patrick’s Parade holds a special place in Mr. Beez’ heart, and he gets very excited for it every year.

I tried my darndest to be on my best behavior.  Mr. Beez always graciously goes along with things I want to do, even if he is not interested in the slightest.  I, on the other hand, wear my heart on my sleeve and have a very hard time keeping it in when I am not happy to be doing something.  On this particular morning I was freezing my buns off, tired, and constantly getting jostled by obnoxious drunk people.  It was hard for me to not be a jerk, but Mr. Beez said that I did not totally ruin his time.

Baby Beez seemed to like the parade ok.  Like me, she was freezing cold.  But she did have fun watching all the commotion.

She was a big fan of the loud, big trucks, the Irish dancers, and the dogs (there were Irish Setters, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and others). 

She didn’t pay much mind to the hordes of revelers.  I’m talking HORDES.

I think I could learn to love the St. Patricks Day Parade if: (1) it were warmer, (2) it were warmer, and (3) it weren’t so overrun with drunk people.  I understand it’s St. Patrick’s day, and drinking is part of the festivities, but it made me a little on edge worrying that someone was going to wallop my kid.  I’m generally not the kind of person who expects that kids should be welcome everywhere.  Would I take my kid to East Carson Street on St. Patrick’s day? No.  Would I take my kid to Market Square on St. Patricks day (even though they’ve promoted it the last couple years as “family friendly”)? No.  But I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to bring her to a parade. 

This grouchy post goes with my grouchy theme for the day.  I was grouchy yesterday about the victim blaming and completely inappropriate sympathy for the defendants in the Steubenville trial (See Hello Ladies for a perspective that actually gets it right).  I’m still grouchy today because IT IS SNOWING OUT and even if you don’t believe that groundhog, WINTER IS SUPPOSED TO BE OVER. Grouch grouch grouch grouch grouch.

A Kid Friendly Visit to the HBH .@HofbrauhausPitt

28 Feb

Pittsburgh’s Hofbrauhaus (yes, a sister outpost of the Munich original) has been a happy hour hot spot since it’s opening.  It’s plenty loud, it’s got plenty of beer, and it’s cleaner than Hemingways, so what’s not to like?  Mr. Beez loves Oktoberfest and the HBH.  I typically run lukewarm with it.  I won’t refuse to go there, but it’s not where we’re going when it’s my turn to pick.

We had a groupon to burn there (because I am a sucker and buy every single groupon that comes on sale), and since it is not valid for Saturday use, we decided to try it out on a weeknight.  Feeling adventurous, or perhaps foolish, or perhaps tired and just wanting someone else to cook our dinners, we strolled in around 6pm on a Monday.  Who would have thought that early weeknight dinner at the HBH is actually kid friendly?  Not me. It was a pleasant surprise.

Baby Beez loved the oompah music and the pretzels. She loves pretzels.  Since patrons are encouraged to sing and dance and stand on benches, it was a perfect setting for a toddler.  She sang around loudly and dancy-danced and didn’t disturb a soul, since everyone was dancing along.

Mr. Beez ordered a schnitzel dish and was very happy with it.  The HBH, unsurprisingly, offers Bavarian-type fare.  Of the three German restaurants I’ve been to in Pittsburgh (HBH, Max’s Allegheny Tavern, and Penn Brewery), HBH is my least favorite of the three.  The food isn’t bad, but I think most people are really there to enjoy the atmosphere.

I forewent the meat-and-potatoes Bavarian offerings and instead opted for a (meat topped) steak salad.  Virtually unheard of in Pittsburgh, this steak salad actually did not come smothered in fries.  This suited me very well because I actually did not want french fries.  The veggies were fresh and the salad generous.  It was a good meal.

Baby Beez was not the only little one in the dining room that night.  The HBH is apparently a popular place (on weekday evenings) for families with young children.  Everyone loves the fun and festivity! While I’ll only visit the HBH on a Friday or Saturday with exclusively grown up friends, it was a fun place for our family during the off hours.


Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh on Urbanspoon

Last Minute Parent Duties

13 Feb

In case you were dying to know, the selections of Valentines available at the Iggle at 9:30pm on February 13 are: The Hobbit, Tinkerbell, and Scooby Doo.  I would have rather picked up the fruit snacks valentines, but those were long gone, and Sweet Tarts Valentines just aren’t age appropriate for 2 year olds.  I went for the Scooby Doo cards.  Even though I’m pretty sure Baby Beez doesn’t know who Scooby Doo is, she is even more clueless about The Hobbit, and I could not bring myself to buy Tinkerbell cards.  The Tinkerbell cards were rampant with all the usual sexism, but to top it off, included a card about being “Best Frienemies.”  No. Just No.

So in my role as Worlds-Best-Last-Minute mom, I did manage to involve a tasty treat in Baby Beez’ Valentines.  I picked up plenty of Cars, Toy Story and Monsters Inc. fruit snacks and taped them to the Valentines cards.  Baby Beez loves all of those movies, so her Valentines at least won’t be completely foreign to her.

They’re having a Valentine’s party at daycare tomorrow.  It will likely be the usual chaos of songs, snacks and small people dashing around.  When Baby Beez was 1, me staying for the party was so disorienting to her that she was always very moody and grouchy.  I was tempted to give up on attending these parties because they just seemed to make her moody.  We had a breakthrough with the most recent Christmas party, though, and she was happy to have me stay.


Hopefully this happy attitude will reappear tomorrow morning.

Soccer Mom in Training

7 Feb

Baby Beez is only 2 but already I’m struggling to figure out how many and which activities to involve her in.  I’m trying to balance between:

1. Giving her the opportunity to participate in things she enjoys.

2. Not overburdening my (or her) schedule.

3. Not missing the boat on her having the opportunity to develop talent in something she discovers to love and have talent for.

4.  Exposing her to certain activities and skills Mr. Beez and I think are important.

Again, she’s only 2. But the parenting trend seems to veer toward going on activities overload earlier and earlier.

We had her in swim lessons when she was an infant.  The purpose of this was primarily safety.  Although it’s obvious that children must always be watched around water, I also want her to be a strong swimmer.  We took some swim lessons, but they were boring (the teacher wasn’t very involved, it was parents just swimming with their kids and a teacher watched), so we quit for the time being. I need to either re-enroll her in swim lessons, or make a point to take her to the pool regularly once the weather is warm.

She’s now in gymnastics, which for a 2 year old really means “running around and jumping on things.”  It’s hardly structured, and she gets stubborn and difficult when I suggest she try something new, but she has a lot of fun burning off that energy.  I’m honestly not too big on chasing her around the room, so I’ll be glad when she graduates from “mommy and me” to just “me” classes.

Then there are things like dance.  I’m kind of anti-dance because I was and am terrible at dancing.  Now she loves to run around the house and twirl and say “I’m a ba-yeenah!” (ballerina).  So foolish overbearing mother me went online and found out that they start pre-ballet as early as 2.  Maybe dance classes would be something she’d enjoy?

Her gymnastics class is also right next to the Three Rivers Fencing Center, and she loves watching the fencing.  As we walk by the big window and watch the kids inside, she exclaims “Fencing! My turn!”  Clearly we’ve got several years before fencing is any kind of option, but it makes me wonder whether I should let her try any activity that catches her fancy, or whether I should restrict her to one or two activities at a time.

Personally, I don’t care what activity she is involved in.  I’m not living any unfulfilled dreams through her.  I just want her to have the opportunity to discover her talents, be happy, and both start an activity early enough and stay with it long enough that she can develop those talents.  I only have the time, energy and resources to let her try out so many things.  Should I promote music or dance or art or technology or sports? Should I let her quit an activity once she’s tired of it? Or should I insist she stick with it and develop skill? How do we figure out even what she’ll be good at and what she will like?

HBD to Lilly and Happy Ninth Blogaversary to Me!

25 Jan

carrot babyYou guys, I got so wrapped up in all the excitement of yesterday, that I forgot to share that excitement with the internets! Yesterday was a very exciting day in the Beez household. First off, my brother became a dad to little Lillian Mara! They live across the country, so it will be a couple months before we will get to meet the little one. But soon enough, Baby Beez and Little Lilly will begin their shenanigans! Happy Birthday Little Lilly! And happy sleepless nights, Little Lilly’s parents!

The other excitement of yesterday was that it was my NINTH BLOGAVERSARY!! I started blogging on January 24, 2004, and have now blogged almost daily for nine whole years! At the time I started I was using LiveJournal, and that blog is now under a password because it was so ridiculous and immature. I considered re-posting my very first post to commemorate the event, but I looked back at my first post and it was so ridiculous and immature and embarassing that I could not bear to subject the internet to it.

Blogging has seen me through:
-Whining about work and homework and other silly college things
-My college graduation
-The tumultous and heartbreaking dating life of a grad student
-My inability to be a functional, mature roommate
-Getting crazy about exercise and running two marathons
-Law school, start to finish
-My inability to say “no” to an opportunity, and spending a summer working three simultaneous law-related jobs
-My first publications of articles
-Mr. Beez’ sweet proposal
-Buying a house
-Getting incredibly frustrated because the house we bought is old and needs lots of work
-Marriage to my best pal Mr. Beez
-Lots o’ awesome vacations
-Introducing Baby Beez to this world, and all the awesome adventures we’ve had together
and of COURSE
-Adventures, adventures, adventures in Pittsburgh!!

Wow, nine whole years. It’s crazy. I’m going to have toget something BIG together when next year comes around!

PS- Celebratory cupcakes accepted.

MLK Day QT at The Dor-Stop and Potomac Bakery

22 Jan

Baby Beez’ daycare was closed yesterday for MLK day.  I have been avoiding restaurants with her lately because she is 2, and she acts like she is 2, and that’s just a recipe for misery for everyone.  Yesterday seemed like a good day to test the waters at a loud, fast diner so we went to the Dor-Stop.  And there is hope! She was so well behaved, that I’ve got a little spark of hope that maybe we’re coming out of the too-destructive-for-restaurants phase!

The Dor-Stop is everything there is to love about a diner– greasy hearty food, fast service, good prices, and waitresses that call you “sweetie.”   That steak and eggs hit the spot. After stuffing ourselves with delicious diner food, we stopped across the street at the Potomac bakery for some sweets.  What a lovely morning.

Baby’s first rave. Glowstick included.

12 Jan

Yo Gabba Gabba Live must have had some trouble getting bums in seats, because they offered half-off tickets on Groupon twice.  The full price (well over $50 per seat, and you have to buy a ticket for the little one  even if she refuses to sit in her own chair) was much more than I was willing to pay for a kids show.  But with the price lowered by Groupon, it became an option.  Baby Beez went with our good friends Sandy and Elena.  Sandy had a very rough week, and this event seemed to be just the ticket to bring all of us a little sunshine.




The girls danced and danced and danced, and had a fantastic time.  The whole show is music and dancing.  I was totally overstimulated, but the wee ones were having a blast.



Beats with Biz is a regular segment on the Yo Gabba Gabba show, but I didn’t expect Biz Markie to actually BE at the live show.  He was though! And did an awesome segment of Beats with Biz.


On the way home from the show, Baby Beez kept saying “Have FUN Mommy! Have FUN!”  Everyone loved it! Yo Gabba Gabba has a much more rock concert feel than most other kids shows, so the adults have a really great time too.  I didn’t know what to expect when we went in, but we had a total blast.  If Yo Gabba Gabba came back through Pittsburgh, I’d get tickets again in a heartbeat.  This is one of the best kids events I’ve gone to.  It’s touring its way through the US right now, so if you have a little one, try to catch it if you can.

A ROARing good time at Discover the Dinosaurs

31 Dec

I spent a few hours of my Sunday afternoon at Book Club with my lady friends, sipping champagne and chatting about Mariette in Ecstacy (it is safe to click on the link, it is a book about nuns. seriously).  While I was out and about, Baby Beez and Mr. Beez ventured out to Monroeville to see Grandma and PopPop and go to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit.  It’s a traveling show, and while today was its last day in Pittsburgh, you may be able to catch it in your town soon.  Mr. Beez is a man of few words and said it was “fun.”  Baby Beez came home totally passed out asleep, and from the moment she woke from her nap, she spent the entire rest of the evening ROARING and yelling “I’M A DINOSAUR!” So it’s safe to assume the event met with her approval.

Word to the wise– if you do attend the event, apparently it winds you through a bunch of the exhibits, and at the very end there are a ton of bouncy houses (and every kid is giddy and ready to bounce bounce bounce), except there is a separate fee for the bouncy houses, and you have to trek your way all the way back to the front to buy the bouncy house tickets.  There were a number of grumbling parents about that.  So be wise, and buy your bouncy house tickets when you are paying for your admission!!








Pittsburgh Snow Day

30 Dec

It’s been snowing steadily in the ‘burgh since December 26. I’ve done everything I possibly can to stay indoors. Baby Beez is of another mind. She’s been excitedly shrieking “IT’S SNOWING” every time we step outdoors, and has been begging to build a snowman. She was so eager to play in the snow, that when I told her she has to wear snow pants and boots and gloves and a hat if she wants to play in the snow, she put up no fight whatsoever. This is coming from a kid who refuses to wear hats. She was desperate for that snow. So even I, hater of all things cold, bundled up and took the little one into our backyard for playtime. And Baby Beez was right, it was magical.




You can’t have playtime with a toddler without some yelling.


She decided the snowman had worn the hat long enough, and it was time to take it back.

NaBloPoMo Day 9: Administrative Assistant

9 Dec

I work most weekends, but hardly ever spend my weekends in the office. Usually, I can get my work done from home. On the weekends that really do require my presence in the workplace, Mr. Beez and I can usually sort things out so that he’s at home with Baby Beez when I’m at work, and vice versa. Some weekends don’t work out that way, and the final result is a field trip for Baby Beez.


I’m involved in a big filing for tomorrow, and the degree of coordination required meant I needed to be in the office.  (And yes, I really DID have to use the Bluebook today.)  Mr. Beez also had obligations, so Baby Beez visited work with me. She watched Finding Nemo 1 and a half times, she wrote all over some scratch paper (pens are fascinating to her right now), she looked out the window, she ate some pretzels, and she threw some papers around. There was no screaming and no flailing, and I DID get my work done, so all in all it was a success.

When I was young, my mom worked at my school, so going to work with her was not a novelty.  My dad is an operating room nurse, and he once took me on a little tour of the OR, and I even got to watch a heart surgery (and by watch, I meant spent the time in a corner, holding onto a wall, trying not to pass out or be sick).  It was about the coolest thing my little self go to do.  I love it that our county has a big “Take Your Kids to Work” program at the courts, and can’t wait until Baby Beez is big enough to participate.  I am not pushing her to be a lawyer, but I do think it’s important to understand what Mommy is doing during those long hours away.