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Pastries Savory and Sweet at Bubble Pi Baking Arts

9 Feb

Bubble Pi baking arts is a tiny Asian bakery on a somewhat unfortunate stretch of Murray Avenue.  I say unfortunate because parking is tricky around there and it’s on the steep slope of the hill.  I am lazy and don’t want to walk far to my car, much less up a hill.  I had an appointment at Eyetique, two doors away, and it was perfect timing to check out Bubble Pi.

Many of the pastries were unfamiliar to me.  I have been told that Lin, the owner, is Taiwanese, but that her baked goods cover many different Asian countries.  Basically, I didn’t know what a lot of the stuff was, and I was shy about asking her a lot of questions.  She happily suggested that I try the fresh out of the oven cookies. I did get one (and I swear I took a picture of it, but I have no idea what happened to the picture…), and it was chewy and chocolaty and very delicious.

Wanting to branch out into something less familiar, I picked this pastry.  I have no idea what it was….

It was DELICIOUS.  It was like nothing I have ever tasted before, and I loved it.  It was a savory pastry with a little tang to it.  This pastry for sure was worth the hassle of parking on that annoying sloped section of Murray Avenue.  Sometimes a blind leap of faith has great results.

In chatting with friends after my visit, I’ve been told that the Japanese Cheesecake is also excellent.  I’m going to have to stop in again soon and just buy a bunch of stuff.  Who cares whether I know what it is? It’s bound to be good.

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MLK Day QT at The Dor-Stop and Potomac Bakery

22 Jan

Baby Beez’ daycare was closed yesterday for MLK day.  I have been avoiding restaurants with her lately because she is 2, and she acts like she is 2, and that’s just a recipe for misery for everyone.  Yesterday seemed like a good day to test the waters at a loud, fast diner so we went to the Dor-Stop.  And there is hope! She was so well behaved, that I’ve got a little spark of hope that maybe we’re coming out of the too-destructive-for-restaurants phase!

The Dor-Stop is everything there is to love about a diner– greasy hearty food, fast service, good prices, and waitresses that call you “sweetie.”   That steak and eggs hit the spot. After stuffing ourselves with delicious diner food, we stopped across the street at the Potomac bakery for some sweets.  What a lovely morning.

Saturday Morning in Larryville

11 Jun

It appears I’ve developed a habit of traveling to various neighborhoods and stuffing myself with baked goods on Saturday mornings.  This Saturday was no exception.  At least this Saturday started with a little exercise.

Baby Beez and I got up bright and early for a 9am Mommy & Me yoga class at Shining Light Prenatal Education in Lawrenceville.  My pal Liz was teaching the class, and it was such fun to see her and her darling daughter (whom I have not seen since she was a teeny tiny newborn!) Shining Light is a great resource for pregnant families, and for families with young children.  They even have baby sign language classes, and will be starting a Music Together course soon!

I was worried that Baby Beez would spend the class tearing up the place.  Instead, she decided to be fake shy.  She’s NOT a shy kid, but when she’s in a new environment, she plasters herself to my leg and refuses to let go.  By the end of the class she did warm up a bit, and decided to check out the yoga balls.  I guess all this means that we’ll have to go to more yoga classes!

I promised Baby Beez quiche for an after-class breakfast. This kid LOVES quiche.  Dozen is only a couple blocks away, so we walked down there.  The whole walk she kept saying “QUICHE! QUICHE! QUICHE!”   However,  we were sad to find out that Dozen did not have quiche that morning. 

Naturally, I could not leave empty handed, so I picked up a Raspberry Lemonade Cupcake for me and Baby Beez to share, and a Vanilla Vanilla cupcake for Mr. Beez.  I’ve been a big Dozen fan since they opened, and even like the more dry quality of their cake.  I don’t know if they were having an “off” day, but something went south with this cupcake.  The cake had hardly any flavor, and the frosting was greasy and also not very flavorful.  There was a dollop of goo in the middle of the cupcake, that I think was supposed to be a filling, but it just didn’t fit well.  So sad.

I could not let Baby Beez go without the quiche I promised, so we went to La Gourmandine as well! What piggies we are! 


I picked up my favorite lunchtime treat– a baguette sandwich filled with butter, prosciutto, and pickles.  Europeans love to slap cold cuts on buttered bread.  As an American, I thought it sounded weird, but then I tried it and THEY ARE SO RIGHT. 

And since I simply can’t leave La Gourmandine without gorging myself on pastries, I also got a Pain aux Raisins (I think that’s what it’s called…)

Ah, La Gourmandine, you never let me down!

Coffee and Sandwiches

26 May

Last Saturday I was in the mood for a REALLY good cup of coffee. Not the run of the mill Brueggers or Dunkin Donuts coffee, but something delicious and made with care. I took a little drive into the Squill, and stopped at Commonplace Coffeehouse. I can’t say it enough– I love Commonplace. They brew coffee by the individual cup, and ground their beans fresh for each cup. And these people know their beans. Their coffee is a little pricy, but it is SO worth it. What I love most about Commonplace is that even though they are coffee geniuses, they don’t expect you to be. They’re totally unpretentious and welcoming. Having being scolded about my insistence on adding cream to my coffee at another local serious-business coffee shop, I asked the Commonplace barista if he would scold me for asking for cream. The barista said, jokingly “Lady, you just paid $3.65 for a cup of coffee. You put anything in there you want!” I LOVE this place. I think I need to go back there again today!


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Last Monday, my friend Jill and I took a visit to the newly opened Bluebird Kitchen.


I’ve been staring longingly into the construction-filled storefront for months now, and finally on May 14 they opened their doors. Bluebird is a bakery/sandwich shop, and is great for a high quality quick bite Downtown. Their prices are similar to Au Bon Pain, but the quality is much much higher. I had the Croque Monsieur sandwich, which was like a fancy grilled cheese with ham. I also had the quinoa salad, which would have tasted better if it were a little colder, but was still pretty darn good. The food there is all high quality, and the service was pretty quick. I’m surprised that this is the first independently owned bakery type lunch place that has sprung up downtown. I’d imagine that this kind of business will be a big hit with the lunch crowd. They also have a nice selection of cookies, pastries, and other baked goods, that I will have to return to sample!
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