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Thrown for a loop.

14 Nov

What I expected to be just a sick day home from daycare ended up turning into a visit with the pediatrician, which then turned into a directive to head to the Children’s Hospital emergency room now. Thanks to a very nasty bout of croup, Baby Beez was having very labored breathing, which needed medical attention.

This threw us all for a loop. Sometimes I think things like this pop up during the most craziest and chaotic of work weeks because the universe just wants to see whether I truly am able to come up with and execute a Plan B. I was supposed to go out of town for business for Thursday and Friday, but with my child now in the hospital, the colleagues at my firm have found someone to cover for me.

The value of this is not lost on me in the slightest. Lawyers are often focused and unsympathetic, and many other firms would expect me to travel, since after all there are other family members who could take the baby home at discharge and care for her. I was happy that my firm treated me well, and without a moment’s hesitation told me to care for my family first, and they’d sort through everything else.

So now we have spent the day in the hospital. Baby Beez is relaxing, watching movies, and doing a lot better. Everything looks good for getting discharged tomorrow. After 2 breathing treatments, a steriod shot, and some rest, she was even able to have a meal and a smile.


Now she is catching some much-needed zzzzz’s.  Rest up sweet baby, and feel better.