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My Pittsburgh Weekend

12 Aug

It’s technically still summer but this weekend has been a little cooler, and the stores are starting to stock up for Back to School.  I like summer but I love fall.  The beginning of autumn fills me with excitement for turtleneck sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice everything.  It also fills me with regret.  Regret that another summer has gone by and I haven’t been able to do all the things I wanted.  Now it’s clear from my blog that I certainly get out and do a lot, it’s just that I set my hopes too high, and when the summer’s over, I feel like there is so much left undone.

I’ve spent too much time on airplanes the last few weeks, reading the airline magazine articles about “Spending a weekend in [Enter Hub City].”  Articles I’ve seen about Pittsburgh are always the great, but typical, spots– Mount Washington, Just Ducky Tour, etc.  So I’ve put together my own “Weekend in Pittsburgh” for the traveler who has already seen the major tourism spots, or the resident who just wants a blissful weekend.


The Cultural District is always a winner for a Friday Out.  I’d go out for a decadent dinner at Nine on Nine or Sonoma Grill and catch a Pittsburgh Public Theater show at the O’Reilly.  Afterward I’d take a stroll in the direction of Market Square and have drinks at Andy’s in the Fairmount, or maybe check out Perle, the new champagne bar.


I would sleep in (what an indulgence!) and then spend a long, lazy afternoon in the Strip District.  I’d meet up with friends for a coffee at La Prima, and then we’d stroll up and down Penn Avenue,  stuffing ourselves with Banh Mi from Lucy, tacos from Reyna’s, cookies from the vendors outside PennMac, and mung bean pancakes.  I’d also make a stop at Farmer’s at Firehouse to check out the weekend’s offerings, and make sure to stop at the Pittsburgh Public Market to fill up a growler at East End Brewing.

After all that eating, oh boy would a nap be in order.

Once I was well rested, it would be time to venture down to PNC Park for a Pirates’ game.  And yes, Quaker Steak bbq wings and a beer are a must!

In the dugout!

If I had my druthers, it would be a 4pm game (with a WIN!), and then a band I like would be playing that night at Stage AE, so I could wander over and relax on the law, watch the boats go by, and enjoy the tunes.


Sunday means one thing: BRUNCH.  There are so many amazing brunches in Pittsburgh that it is so hard to choose the “best.”  If I was feeling like a classic, decadent brunch I’d go for the Grand Concourse.  If I am feeling more modern and chic, Casbah is the choice.  And if I’m feeling whimsical, I’d go for Doublewide Grill.  I really have to say I was IMPRESSED with Bar Marco, and sampling their brunch selection is a must for me, so that would be my number one pick (today).

With all this eating, a long walk would be in order.  I’d strap Baby Beez in the beco carrier, and head over to Frick Park for a hike through the trails.  With any luck, we’d see chipmunks and birds, and the shady trees would keep us all cool.


After our long, leisurely walk, it would be time for dinner (yes, all I think about is food).  I would want to haul out to Aspinwall for some Burgatory. They tweeted about their new key lime pie milkshake this week, and I can’t get it OUT OF MY HEAD!

Burgatory Key Lime Milkshake, from the Burgatory Twitter Feed

And after all that running about and madness, I admit I’d spend Sunday evening on the couch, regrouping, and catching up on the TV I missed during the week.

So that’s my weekend in Pittsburgh.  How would you spend your weekend in Pittsburgh?

Completely gratuitous photo of my friend, Krista, and Councilman Bill Peduto…wherein he pretends to devour a decorative cabbage. This is pretty much the best Pittsburgh photo ever.

Back At It

7 Aug

My first day back at work after vacay was nowhere near as disastrous as I anticipated it to be. You see, when I worked at a small firm, vacation was entirely hypothetical. Each attorney was entirely responsible for his/her own cases. There was no “backup” for when you were out of town. Theoretically your secretary and paralegal would hold down the fort (and I was lucky to have great staff), but if your staff weren’t totally all over everything, there was the potential that you could find yourself in a whole heap of a mess.

Fast forward to now, where I work at mid-to-large regional firm. Each case is staffed by at least one partner and one associate. That means that I can take a VACATION and not have to worry that the sky is falling! Sure I work hard before leaving to get everything sorted out and prepared. And I do keep a close eye on my email to make sure everything is ok. But as a general matter for that week I was FREE! And it was marvelous and refreshing, and I got back to the office totally ready to get back at it.

Except once afternoon hits, I could really use a nap. But I can always really use a nap, so I don’t think that matters one way or another.

So I returned to the office yesterday expecting everything to be a disaster. But it was not. Everything was a-ok. And I was even able to get started on that “to do” list I left for myself before I went on vacation.

Baby and Parrot

Totally gratuitous photo of me and my girls.

I have been afraid to look at my bank account since the trips. Of course the “wise” thing to do when you know you’ve given your credit card a run is to go out and spend MORE money, so last night I ordered season tickets for PNC’s Broadway Across America series. I’m super excited about Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Book of Mormon. I also got a set of tickets for Jersey Boys. Mr. Beez thinks I’m crazy for getting Jersey Boys tickets because I’ve seen it already, but you know what, I LOVED IT. So I’m going to see it AGAIN.

I contemplated going totally CRAZY and buying tickets to the Monday Night Lecture Series and the Pittsburgh Speakers Series (PS did you know Neil Gaiman is speaking on November 14?) but after entering all the Broadway dates on my calendar I had a mini meltdown about how I have overbooked myself and I WILL NEVER HAVE FREE TIME AGAIN, so I decided to put those on hold for now.

Thursday I’m going to the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Kickoff Party (you can find me working the registration desk from 6-7!)

And this weekend will be time for SLEEP SWEET SLEEP. And also probably catching up on some doc review. But I can do that in my PJs, so it’s cool.

Table for One

22 Jun

Baby Beez was up from about 3am-5am, howling like a banshee for no particular reason.  As a result, I’m moving a little slow today.  The hardest part about having a kid and working the type of job I do, is that I’m responsible for everyone.  I’m responsible for myself, my family, my clients.  Sometimes the responsibility gets tiring, and I want to check into a hotel for a night, order room service, and watch hour after hour of Say Yes to the Dress with no one else asking me for anything.

I love going to coffee shops all by myself.  I bring a book and sip a cafe au lait, and even though there are other people around, they leave me blissfully alone.

I love going to the movies with Mr. Beez, but sometimes it’s just nice to go by myself (and eat all the popcorn!)  Movies aren’t much for social activities, so I don’t feel awkward or lonesome on my own.

I know some people like to mosey up to the bar and have drinks on their own, but I’ve never been comfortable with that . I don’t even like to be the first one to show up at the bar.  When I’m meeting friends for happy hour, I make a point of being a couple minutes late, because I don’t like being there by myself.  The same goes for restaurants.  I feel awkward getting a meal on my own.  Sure, it’s less awkward if you can eat at the bar and there’s a TV there, but then I’m so distracted by feeling strange for being on my own, that I don’t really enjoy the food. 

Now I’m dealing with the question of whether I want to go to a concert on my own.  Sure those super-music-types with bookshelves full of vinyl feel perfectly fine showing up at concerts on their own, just to enjoy the music.  For me, though, there is too much downtime in a concert for me to feel comfortable going by myself.  I suppose I could show up late enough to miss the opening acts, and therefore miss a lot of that downtime, but I also don’t want to risk showing up late for the main act.  Even though this is not a band Mr. Beez likes, I will probably beg and beg and beg until he agrees to go. 

So what kind of things do you like to do all on your own? 

More Summer Fun

2 Jun

So here I am, back with my family at the drive in, getting excited to watch Snow White & the Huntsman, and hoping Baby Beez falls asleep soon ( she’s been rubbing those little eyes).

Last night we stopped in at the Three Rivers Arts Featival for some corn dogs and music. Baby Beez had a ton of fun running around in circles and dancing to The Wailers’ reggae music.

She’s hard to see in this video, but I swear she’s there dancing with her light-up shoes.

As much as I love the Arts Fest, it is only 10 days, and we will be able to hang out at the drive in all summer long. It’s a little gritty, but I love my movies!


What is your favorite summer pastime?