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MLK Day QT at The Dor-Stop and Potomac Bakery

22 Jan

Baby Beez’ daycare was closed yesterday for MLK day.  I have been avoiding restaurants with her lately because she is 2, and she acts like she is 2, and that’s just a recipe for misery for everyone.  Yesterday seemed like a good day to test the waters at a loud, fast diner so we went to the Dor-Stop.  And there is hope! She was so well behaved, that I’ve got a little spark of hope that maybe we’re coming out of the too-destructive-for-restaurants phase!

The Dor-Stop is everything there is to love about a diner– greasy hearty food, fast service, good prices, and waitresses that call you “sweetie.”   That steak and eggs hit the spot. After stuffing ourselves with delicious diner food, we stopped across the street at the Potomac bakery for some sweets.  What a lovely morning.

Something we can all vote for: COOKIES

7 Nov

I stayed home with a sick Baby Beez yesterday.  In between soothing her, doing work, and (gasp) catching a catnap, I did not watch much election coverage.  I was, however, keeping up on Twitter, which left me as a stressed out mess.  By late afternoon, I was in full-on stress eating mode.  All the leftover Halloween candy was either gummy candy or hard candy, which would not suffice. 

I found this super-duper easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the Food Network.  For ONCE, I actually had all the ingredients in my house! In addition to milk chocolate chips, I also had white chocolate chips, so in they went. 

Baking feels like such a luxury.  It really doesn’t take much time, but you do have to make sure you have the ingredients on hand, and also make sure that the 2 year old is occupied enough with something else that you can have full use of your hands for about an hour.  (Play-Doh for the kiddo does the trick nicely).  I doubt I’m going to do any serious holiday baking this year, but it was nice to have a batch of sweets in the house, that don’t have that plasticky preservative taste.

Baby Beez was not very interested in them, because she was generally unwell and not interested in anything.  That means more for me.

Delanie’s Coffee

22 Jul

A friend who lives in the Sahside and knows of my interest in trying new places, and in great coffee shops, told me all about Delanie’s Coffee.  If I had an afternoon to burn, I’d love to spend it lounging at a coffee shop, reading a book, and sipping a cafe au lait.  I was a coffee shop expert in law school, and spent MANY full days studying for the bar exam various coffee shops, sampling both the shop’s breakfast and lunch wares.  Those days are long gone, and sadly most of my coffee shop visits are of the carry out variety.

If I were back in my study-hall days, Delanie’s would be just what I’d be looking for.  There is ample seating, plenty of light, a variety of food and coffee choices, and free wireless.  Although its location in the Southside is notorious for limited parking, that’s really only a problem at night.  I’ve never had trouble finding a place to park (and often without even the need of quarters) during daylight hours.

I was sorely caffeine deprived, and ordered myself a large cafe au lait.  I also got a “naughty chocolattie” cookie, which contains a smidgen of hot pepper and BBQ sauce.  After purchasing the cookie I worried that I just bought something inedible.  However, the cookie only had a tiny smidgen of spice, and tasted mostly of chocolate. It would have been nice to be able to hang out at Delanie’s for a bit, but my Saturday was chock-full of errands, and I only had time for a quick stop on my way home from my weekly Costco run.

Both the coffee and the cookie were good but not particularly stand-out.  I might not bother to go out of my way for carry out coffee from Delanie’s, but I would definitely return for the coffee house experience.  The size and welcoming feeling of the shop would be perfect for various literary events or meetups.  The shop is fairly new and still getting it’s legs.  I hope it finds a strong footing and succeeds.