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Quick Rundown of My Recent Kids-Movie-a-Thon

16 Nov

Baby Beez is a mama’s girl.  When she’s feeling fine, she wants to snuggle with me and sit on my lap and climb all over me.  When she’s not feeling well, she wants to snuggle with me and sit on my lap all the time.  I love that she is comforted by me, and that I can make her happy, but after a while it can be overwhelming.  This weekend, for my birthday, I’m doing all kinds of grown up things that I want to do, like a yoga class and spa treatments and hanging out with grown up friends.  Baby Beez will be hanging out with her grandparents, and having a great time.  And I won’t feel the least bit like I’m neglecting her, since I’ve spent the last four days snuggling that baby nonstop (she’s much better, and no longer in constant need of snuggles).

My knowledge of recent kids movies has increased exponentially this week.  Here’s a rundown:


Although based on the classic save-the-princess fairy tale of Rapunzel, the princess in Tangled was a lot more empowered and clever than in the original.  There was some singing, but it wasn’t too obnoxious, and the jokes weren’t irritatingly punchy. There were some funny scenes with the goofy horse and band of misfit pub regulars.  Both Baby Beez and I enjoyed this movie, and I wouldn’t mind if it went into regular rotation on our TV.

Puss in Boots

Baby Beez loved this movie, and kept talking about it as “the kitty cat movie!”  I love Shrek, but this spin off was kind of terrible. With the exception of Patton Oswalt’s piercing voice as Humpty Dumpty, I was able to tune out most of the movie.

Treasure Buddies

Words cannot describe how awful this movie is.


I wish that I would have paid more attention while this is on, because it looked pretty good.  Baby Beez was very interested in it for the beginning, but her interest gradually tapered (probably because there aren’t singing and dancing cats).  I think that if we revisit this film in another two or three years, she’ll really love it.

Oliver & Company

An oldie and goodie.  And of course, its got singing and dancing cats and dogs, so Baby Beez was happy.  And with Billy Joel songs, I of course was happy too. Why should I worry? Why should I ca-a-a-a-are?


9 Nov

Baby Beez and I had a girls night at the movies tonight! She loves movies, but she’s still too small to sit still for long periods.  I want my kid to behave and not bother people, but we also can’t run for home every time she squirms.  I’m still trying to figure out what kind of kids behavior is OK, and what is not to be tolerated.  Before I had a kid, of course I knew exactly what every parent should do, and expected that any child that squeaked or moved or breathed loudly be whisked away.  Suffice it to say, that perspective has changed.  And although Baby Beez spent about half the movie walking up and down a section of the aisle, she was quiet and was not disturbing people, so I consider that a success. Anyway, to the movie!

Even though I’m not much into video games, I thought Wreck-it-Ralph sounded cute.  It’s the story of a video game “bad guy,” Wreck-it-Ralph, whose sole role in his game is to destroy everything.  Dissatisfied with always being the bad guy, he sets off to prove that he can accomplish things, and in the process he gets into some tussles, makes some friends, finds his true self, etc etc etc

FINALLY Disney starts breaking out of the Princess mold with Wreck-It-Ralph.  We’re not fully free of the stereotypes yet, but there were a lot of things that Wreck-it-Ralph does with depictions of gender, and especially girls/women, that demonstrated some solid movement in the right direction. In short:

-The toughest, most respected military leader character is a woman.

-The arcade where Wreck-it-Ralph and his fellow games are located is filled with eager girl AND boy gamers.  Indeed, when we first get a glimpse of the “Hero Duty” alien bug first person shooter game, it is a girl gamer doing the shooting.

-Although the “Sugar Rush” game is overwhelmingly pink and full of girly squeals, it’s at least a racing game, where the girl racers show themselves to be clever and aggressive.

-Sure, there’s a princess. But she’s not looking for a prince. And she actually rejects her crown, and declares her country a “Constitutional Democracy,” of which she is the President, not a monarch.

-I liked that the female leads are voiced by Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman, both known for being tough, independent, and talented.  I usually cannot stand Sarah Silverman, but she was remarkably not obnoxious as the voice of Vanellope von Schweetz.

Wreck-It-Ralph is a fun and silly kids movie. Finally, Disney is moving away from the mold of “waiting for my prince to come,” and the results are impressive.

Thursday things (self promotion, running, movies and events)

27 Sep

1. Hey, I know that Blogger

Queen in Heels kindly featured me in her Blogger Spotlight this week.  She shares my LOVE for shoes, and I’ve been loving her features of all the fashion week footwear!

2.  Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot

I am in week 6 of the Couch to 5k program, and although the running times are getting longer, running is getting easier.  Even when my feet feel like cement, I can manage to get through the running parts by running very slowly.  Although the longest stretch I’ve run lately is 20 minutes, I’m confident that in a few weeks I can work up to a 5k.  This is my second go-around with running (the first being about 8 years ago), with a long hiatus in between.  This time around I’m older, fatter, and busier so that can sometimes make running trickier. 

There are some very key differences between my running practices last time and this time:

Last time:

  • I ran on concrete sidewalks (a great way to get to know the city)
  • I did not stretch or warm up/cool down
  • Eventually I wound up with runner’s knee

This time:

  • I am running on the Schenley oval rubber track or on crushed limestone trails
  • There are warm ups/cool downs built into the Couch to 5k Program
  • I am actually stretching after my run
  • I have had no knee problems so far

My progress with time and distance has been slower this time, but I am at least taking better care of myself.  Instead of working toward a goal to run a specific race, I’m working toward the goal of integrating running into my life as healthy exercise. 

3. Little Cinephile in the making!

Mr. Beez and I took Baby Beez to her first movie in a real movie theater, and she LOVED it! This is not an event that was easily decided.  We weren’t specifically looking to take her to the movies, but since they are showing Finding Nemo in 3D, and since we watch Finding Nemo about twice a day, every Saturday and Sunday, we thought she’d have a lot a fun.  And she DID! She sat in my lap and quietly watched her beloved Nemo, and even kept her 3D glasses on almost the entire time.  This undertaking was significantly less stressful because we were literally the only people in the theater.  Monsters, Inc. is going to be re-released in 3D in December, and we will probably take her to that (again, Monsters, Inc. is in heavy rotation in our DVD collection), but the movie theater probably won’t be a regular occurrence until Baby Beez gets bigger.  That doesn’t change the fact that my little grinch heart grew 2 sizes bigger, seeing her love the movies as much as her mommy does!

4.  Pittsburgh Events

The next few days are full of awesome events around the ‘burgh.  If I had the night free tonight (which I do not, boo hoo), I would be heading over to the ToonSeum for the Hunger Action Happy Hour, benefiting Greater Pittsburgh Area Foodbank.  On Friday there is the vegan Healthy Eating Happy Planet event at the Environmental Charter School that looks pretty fun (The event website doesn’t seem to have much info, I’ve learned about the event from Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen’s Facebook page).

This Saturday, I’m SUPER excited to attend The PittsBurgher– Music and Burger festival at the Rivers Casino! Burger competition, YES PLEASE! (and tickets are available at a steep discount at LivingSocial). 

What fun things will you be doing over the next few days?