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Party Night that Just Won’t Stop with @HaitianFam1st and @GracePotter

1 Feb

What a NIGHT last night was.  I spent most of the day making the final preparations for the much-anticipated Haitian Families First Back to School Party.  The sponsors, food, drink and prizes came together perfectly! The Standard Band totally rocked the house.  Bill Peduto even found a minute in his nonstop mayoral campaign to stop by!

All set up for the party

Ali shares the story of HFF

Ali, me and Bill Peduto at the HFF party

I felt especially honored by all the awesome support of my friends.  The members of The Standard Band all have day jobs, and that means they took several hours out of their workdays to do all the setup and prep for their performance.  I am so grateful that they could do that!  (PS– they are an awesome fun band, and are playing March 15 at Jergel’s!) My friends also came together to donate huge wine basket and other great things for the auction.

The Standard Band rocks the HFF party

We all had a great time and raised a whole heap of cash for this truly grassroots organization that is doing great work.

Of course, the night didn’t stop there! After the party, my friend @nncypttr and I enjoyed an evening with the divine Grace Potter.

I knew of course that Grace has unparalleled pipes, but didn’t know that her musical talent goes far beyond singing.  She showed herself to be a jane-of-all-trades with all things musical, mastering the drums, guitar and more throughout the show.  She is quite the musical powerhouse, and had such cheerful energy.  What a show!

Grace Potter in Pittsburgh

Grace Potter in Pittsburgh

Grace Potter in Pittsburgh

Hog Butchering Demo and Dinner with .@JustinSeverino Amazing.

17 Dec

Cure’s been getting rave reviews since it opened, but I didn’t know about the amazing events they also host until I read Quelcy’s (of the fantastic With the Grains blog) post about the Farm Dinner prepared by Justin Severino (of Cure) at Blackberry Meadow’s Farm. I was green with envy! I suspected that these kind of events were only open to the foodie inner circle, and although I’m quite a restaurant fiend, I can’t count myself within that group. It turns out, the events are open to the public, you just need to sign up for the Cure mailing list to learn about them.

I called Mr. Beez immediately upon receiving the recent e-mail advertising the Hog Butchering Demo & Dinner. “We must go!” I declared. He happily agreed.



I have no intentions of pursuing home butchering. I do, however, love food, and I especially love to hear people talk about the things they are passionate about. It doesn’t matter what the person is passionate about, a platform for someone to share what they love is always going to have interesting and exciting results. Justin talked all about farming practices, the philosophies guiding his restaurant, and the challenges and excitement of focusing so strictly on locally sourced goods.




The hog butchering demo was really interesting, but the dinner was delicious.


Charcuterie Plate. Cure’s specialty.


The open kitchen, with the squab waiting to be prepared.

I’m not much of a pasta fan (yes, I’m a terrible Italian), but this pasta is the stuff dreams are made of. And the greens. THE GREENS. I just sat there with the delicious greens sitting in my mouth, because the flavor was so rich and amazing. I looked like an idiot but I did not care. I did not want that taste to disappear.



Get to Cure. Eat the greens.


OMG the greens. THE GREENS.

(PS- Cure is currently BYOB, but they’ll shortly installing a bar and getting a liquor license, and in the New Year they’ll be serving up craft cocktails and fancy beers!)
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Friday Miscellany

7 Sep

1. I am loving Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” video, especially when the monsters go “HEY!”


2. Going to see Jersey Boys, and going to the Jersey Boys cast party tonight!


I very rarely see a show twice, but when I saw Jersey Boys the first time, I absolutely loved it, and couldn’t resist going again once I heard it’s back in town!

3. Steel City Big Pour tomorrow!

4. If you’re a Pittsburgh blogger, please join me at BlogMob 2012 at Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank next Thursday!

5. Who is going to Propelle’s Happy Hour next Wednesday?  I’m not an entrepeneur in the traditional sense, but this sounds like a great opportunity to meet a lot of motivated and awesome people.

6.  Rosh Hashanah is coming up fast. So is New Years Eve 5773 at the Carnegie Museum, hosted by J’Burgh and Temple Sinai! I love that we’re celebrating outside the shul with something a little different, a little new.

Ok, now I’m off to find me some breakfast.

Junior League “Touch a Truck”

21 May

Baby Beez is TOTALLY into trucks and buses right now. Every time she sees one go by, she gets all excited and squeals and waves and goes “BEEP BEEP BEEP.” When a friend of mine posted on FaceBook about the JLP’s Touch a Truck event this weekend, I knew it was a “must do” for us.


I had heard about this event before, but didn’t realize how huge and fun it is! I always assumed that they just got one fire truck and let kids climb all over it. Sure, kids would love it, but I couldn’t be bothered to haul out to the Strip District on a busy Saturday just so Baby Beez could see a fire truck. Boy was I wrong, there were tons of different trucks there, all for the kids to climb in and on and around. There were a couple fire trucks of course, but also the Bomb Squad truck, a SWAT truck, a monster truck, the ATF truck, a Brinks truck, and a ton of other ones too.


What truck should I see next?


Mr. Beez and I had just as much fun (if not more) than our little one. It was especially cool to see the Bomb Squad truck and SWAT truck up close. Sure, it was PLENTY noisy, with all the kids honking the horns, but the JLP does provide ear plugs.


The JLP puts this event on annually, and it’s the perfect kind of event to entertain kids in a range of ages. Kids from age 1 to age 12 will all have a great time. Hope to see you next year!