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Shopping Spreeeeeee

20 Mar

My bank card somehow was compromised and someone made a fraudulent purchase on it over the weekend. (This fraudulent purchase was $40 at 7-11.  I’d like to hope they at least got something interesting with it, like 40 hot dogs).  Luckily I check my bank account all the darn time and was able to identify the fraud right away (and there was only one, phew!).  I got the bank on the phone and took care of it immediately. This means that my bank card is now no good and I have to wait for a new one. This is good timing for my card to get stolen because I am in a mood to shop! shop! shop! Lacking a card will keep this stupid expensive impulse under control.

These are some things I want want want:


I’ve been eyeing this Kate Spade tote for ages.  It’s finally half off, although way more than I want to spend on a tote. Then again, I’ve been wishing and dreaming and hoping for this bag, so it may be worth it for the peace of my little mind.


We can has springtime? Maybe? Possibly? Or I could put this fun springy dress on and stay indoors and sip iced tea and pretend it’s springtime because it feels like it’s never ever going to get warm again.


The necessity of these shoes needs no explanation.


I’m not hipster enough to pull off wearing this sweatshirt in public, but it’s super cute for lounging at home.  Also, I am writing this post at night sitting in front of the TV, and I just realized that the sweatshirt I am wearing is 13 years old. Time for a new one, right (or at least one with non-fraying cuffs….)

Some Sunday Sunshine

24 Feb

The gray gray sky, every single day. It’s too much. I need some sunshine. I’ve been turning my desk lamp on at work and that has helped a little, but I think I need to just go for it and buy one of those full-spectrum SAD lights that I’ve had my eye on for the last few years, but have never had the heart to plunk the cash down for.

The tipping point for me joining Weight Watchers and steeling my resolve to get to the darn gym was because a few months back, I hit an all time low with energy. It was like I was riding from coffee to coffee, just to keep myself functional.  I was getting enough sleep at night, but I wasn’t feeling rested in the day.  I knew that it would not get any better until I changed my habits.  I’ve still been fatigued, the short days and lack of sunlight do not help.  Yesterday, finally, I had a breakthrough!  I had energy! I was excited to get to the gym, and once there, I hopped on the treadmill and ran a whole 30 minutes!  The last time I ran was probably in October, and even then the longest stretch was about 12 minutes.  But yesterday, a whole 30 minutes! Victory!

I had a successful week at Weight Watchers, and I’m getting excited to hit my 10% goal in a few weeks and go SHOPPING!  I don’t have any specific ideas yet, but how cute are these:



Mr. Beez says that no way no how do I need any more shoes, but how fun would it be to have some sunny kicks to up my energy at the gym?


I’ve been grateful that work has been at the manageable end of the crazy-spectrum lately which has given me the flexibility and opportunity to focus on my health and well being.  I realized yesterday that March is going to be full-speed-ahead.  I’ve got an article, a significant brief,  a trial and a conference presentation all on my plate.  Feast or famine, folks. But I think that I am finally feeling refreshed from this somewhat quieter time, and I’m excited and ready to take on all these tasks.

In Between Pants

5 Feb

I went (online) shopping under protest this morning. I usually LOVE shopping online, in real life, from a catalog, whatever.  This time, not so much.  I’m in that frustrating in-between phase of weight loss.  I’ve lots enough weight that my work pants look terrible on me.  The bum is saggy, they give me elephant legs, oh dear lord they look awful.  I bought a new pair of black pants at Banana Republic a couple weeks ago that actually fit, and when I wear them, I feel like a million bucks.  Of course, I’m not made of money, so new Banana Republic pants aren’t an every day thing.

My abs don't look like this at all. Not even close. But you get the idea.

My abs don’t look like this at all. Not even close. But you get the idea.

I didn’t want to buy new pants right now, because it feels like doing so gives my current size permanence.  If I buy new clothes for my body how it is now, then my body’s going to settle where it is.  I don’t want that.

When I someday get down to my “goal weight” (yes, I’m actively working on that with WW and gym visits and yoga and personal training), I want to splurge on nice clothes and even make a look book with a personal stylist.  Buying new pants now chips away at my fashion fund, and feels like I’m nibbling at a treat I did not yet earn.

I bought the pants, but I didn’t buy them happily.  NY & Co. is running a buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale right now, so I got 4 pairs of cheap pants for about what I paid for my nice new Banana Republic pants.  NY & Co. tends not to be the greatest quality, but who cares? Maybe that will motivate me to lose more weight so those pants don’t fit anymore.

How do you deal with your in-between pants phase?


12 Nov

When I visited my mom in Los Angeles for her wedding last month, I just could not resist a trip to Nordstrom’s Rack.  Pittsburgh has finally joined civilized society and acquired a Nordstrom proper, but we still don’t have a Nordstrom’s Rack, and that is a crying shame.

A couple of months back I saw a soft, beautiful, and completely outside my budget Michael Kors asymmetrical zip moto jacket.  I don’t ride motorcycles, I don’t go out to many fashionable places, and moto jackets aren’t office friendly, but omg did I want that lovely garment.

I tried to find it online at a (hopefully) more reasonable price, but as my luck would have it, the jacket seemed to be sold out everywhere.

But when I walked into the Rack– BOOM. Right there! And half off! And it was mine.

I don’t have a good picture of me wearing it, because we keep having nasty weather, and I haven’t gotten around to weatherproofing it yet. But oh boy do I love this jacket.  Now I just need to start hanging out at dive bars and the roller derby so I have an opportunity to show this puppy off.

Dear Jacket,

I love you.

30 Before 30: Personal Style, a day of fashion at #PghStyleSummit by @WePropelle

15 Oct

My 30 Before 30 goal to “Develop an Identifiable ‘Personal Style'” is poorly stated. Personal style is a continuing adventure, not a stand-alone destination. The ladies of Propelle got me well on my way at this weekend’s Style Summit. The Style Summit brought together fashion bloggers, photographers, stylists, beauticians, and all kinds of other stylish people for an afternoon of trading tips and ideas.


I was excited to have a chat with Terra McBride of Stylish White Female. I’ve been reading her blog for quite a while, and she always creates such unexpected and gorgeous combinations. We talked about how she finds inspiration for her color, texture, and fabric combinations. We also chatted about how she finds energy to put herself together so nicely, when just chasing around a little one takes SO MUCH energy. As with anything that is important, you just up and do it. Fashion is important to her, so she prioritizes it.


Mandy Fierens of The Curvy Blogger wows the crowd

I really enjoyed listening to to the talks by personal stylist Rachel Valozzi. I’ve heard of personal styling services, but I didn’t know there was anyone in Pittsburgh who offers them! I’ve been working hard to lose the my-kid-isn’t-a-baby-anymore weight. As part of this, I’m hoping that I’ll need a wardrobe overhaul. I’ve promised myself that if I hit my goal weight (and yes, it may take a while), I’m setting up some quality time with a personal stylist to get my look in order.

I also had a hairstyle consultation and a chair massage with the ladies of Tula Organic Salon. They are MAGIC! The chair massage was amazingly relaxing and much too short. Tula is an Aveda Salon, but it’s prices are extremely reasonable. I’ve already got an appointment set for Sunday, yippee!


Julie O’Boyle of Orchid Grey shares her insight

Kiya Tomlin also addressed the crowd as a special guest.  She talked about her custom dress business, and gave styling tips specific to looking polished and professional (my favorite adjectives when it comes to clothing choices!).  It was nice to hear that some of the more fashion-conservative principles I value about workplace attire aren’t entirely outmoded.

Propelle did a phenomenal job of putting together this exceptional event. It was really fun to talk to the bloggers I’ve been reading online, and to see the creative way people assemble their outfits. I’m so risk averse. My general fashion approach is an all-black outfit with some piece of a stand-out color. Sometimes I’ll throw a pattern in there, or sometimes I’ll go with brown instead of black. But when it comes to mixing together colors or patterns or whatever, I feel lost and terrified mixing things together. The women at Style Summit inspired me to experiment a little and mix things up. After all, it’s just fashion! What’s the worst that could happen? I look funny for a day. And that’s a livable consequence.

Weekend ahoy!

12 Oct

You know those weekends where it seems like every organization and entity has something going on, and you want to attend EVERYTHING!  I have those a lot.  This weekend is especially nutty.  I’m looking at my weekend plans, and I’m kind of tired already.  But these are all GREAT things I will be doing, so it will be a busy weekend but a fun one!

This afternoon kicks off with the announcement of BAR EXAM RESULTS! I am so nervous and excited for all my friends who took the PA bar exam this year! Here’s to hoping that you’ll spend the afternoon sipping champagne in joy (and if not, at least tip a few back in sorrow).

This evening is the Alumni Reception for my 5 year law school reunion! 5 years! Can you believe it! Where did the time go?


Tomorrow brings the much anticipated Propelle Style Summit

I’m a little nervous about picking out an outfit…what in my closet could possibly be cool enough to wear to a gathering of fashionistas?

Saturday also brings the Annual Meeting for the East End Food Co-Op.  If you’re a Co-Op member, please be sure to attend! Election results for the Board of Directors will be announced (you can vote at the meeting, if you haven’t voted yet), and they’ll be giving updates on the state of the Co-op and its plans for the upcoming year.

On Sunday, Mr. Beez and I will be venturing to the Pittsburgh Opera for Rigoletto.  Although I’m a bit of an opera nut, I’ve never seen Rigoletto before.  It has gotten rave reviews, so I’m excited for an afternoon of music and drama!

What does your weekend have in store?


Assorted Thoughts on Various Things

28 Aug

1. Winter is Coming

I never in my life thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of ready for summer to be over. Summer is the season of ACTIVITY. It’s all fun activity, and I’m excited to be hanging out with people I like, doing fun things…but it can get tiring. Especially when I’ve overscheduled myself for after-work activities. This week for example, I obviously have work all day every day, and then after work I had a leadership class last night, book club tonight, tomorrow is free, thursday is fantasy football draft, and friday is an event at our Synagogue. Yeesh I got tired just writing that.

In the winter, however, those after work activities peter out. Maybe because the sun sets so early that I’m exhausted by the time I leave the office, and can’t possibly imagine doing one more thing (I am solar powered after all). The idea of not having another activity scheduled after the work day is done is so appealing to me right now, even if it means I spend the evening on the couch writing briefs. When writing briefs in your jammies sounds relaxing, you know you need to revisit your schedule choices.

And in the next breath I tell you that I’m looking into signing Baby Beez up for gymnastics, because she loves bouncing off the walls. And apparently I love not having my Saturday mornings free.

Also, I want a darn pumpkin spice latte.

2. Recurring dreams

I keep having dreams that (1) I marked a hearing on my calendar at a certain time, and then it turns out it’s actually earlier, and I have to run FULL SPEED to the courthouse and beg the judge’s forgiveness, and (2) I’m in college and it’s time for final exams, except I only went to the first or second class, so I don’t know what the exam is about.

I looked into my crystal ball to interpret these dreams. 1 means CHECK YOUR DARN CALENDAR. Luckily I haven’t had any run ins with scheduling like in the dream with work obligations (guilty as charged when it comes to social things, I have those on my calendar on the wrong time or date all the darn time), but checking my darn calendar means that I won’t. And the second dream is probably general anxiety about how well I’ve prepared for this or that or the other. It doesn’t matter if you’ve prepared until you can’t stand it anymore, there’s always that little tinge of anxiety that it’s not enough.

3. Fun Stuff

I got a couple of new pieces that were both great deals. I snagged this awesome Banana Republic statement necklace, after sale and gift card, for only $20 out of pocket. AWESOME.


2012 is the year I finally try ankle boots. I have been undecided about booties and ankle boots, but when I saw these lovely oxblood kicks at H&M for a mere $35, I knew this is the year to make it happen.


4.  BB is apparently auditioning for a Calvin Klein perfume ad.


Happy Tuesday, YINZ

Saturday Morning Thoughts on Fashion

18 Aug

I’ve got a couple restaurant posts in the hopper, but for this Saturday, I’m lounging on the couch and window shopping online while Baby Beez watches the Wiggles (romp-omp-a-chomp!)  My mom is getting married in October, in a morning/brunch wedding, and she has asked her bridesmaids to wear grey.  I’ve been searching and searching and searching for something I like, and can also wear for later occasions (no organza, please), and FINALLY found this Collection lace dress from J.Crew:

And unlike the million other dresses I’ve seen online and liked, this one actually does come in my size!

I subscribe to entirely too many magazines (O, Lucky, Real Simple, Working Mother, Shape, SELF, Whirl, Pittsburgh Magazine and The Atlantic), and all but one of my subscriptions tempt, tempt, tempt me to head to the mall for new clothes.  With all the fall fashions starting to hit the magazines, I’m convinced I really do need a fuscia blazer. The Gap has one that I’m coveting.

Just yesterday I learned of Ruche.  WHERE have you been all my life? It’s similar in style to Anthropologie, but a heck of a lot cheaper.  I haven’t bought anything from there, so I can’t speak to the quality of the clothing, but I can say that I’ve been making everyone on Pinterest crazy this morning by pinning and pinning and pinning.

Sahara Stripes Dress from Ruche

It is also coming time for me to update my suits.  If I had my druthers, I’d wear dresses to work everyday.  However, I go to court and meet with clients a fair amount, and those occasions call for a suit.  The last time I bought suits was when I returned from maternity leave.  I didn’t plunk down a lot of cash, in the hope that I’d be shedding off pounds, and could buy nicer suits when I hit my goal weight.  Well, I’ve shed pounds, and even had those cheap suits altered, but I’m nowhere near my goal weight.

It’s now time to come to terms with the fact that I need nicer suits, and I shouldn’t condition high quality work wear on a weight goal that I’m not going to reach for a long time (if ever).  I’ve usually gotten my suits from Ann Taylor, but am considering either J. Crew or Talbots instead.  Talbots has a nice grey suit that you can get with a dress, skirt, or pants.  If I’m spending money on a decent suit, it can’t just be a jacket and pants OR a skirt.  I’ve got to be able to get it with both options.   Someday I’ll get a Brooks Brothers suit, but THAT is going to wait until I hit my goal weight.

Where is your go-to shop for suits?

Just got PAID.

28 Jun

It’s PAYDAY, which means I want to spend with wild abandon! Which is NOT a realistic urge, but I think I can get away with one splurge…

so folks, do I plunk down my card for the Between the Lines Maxi dress from Anthropologie that I’ve been ogling?

OR do I go for the massage special on Groupon, for the newly opened Aveda salon in my neighborhood?

Decisions, decisions, decisions….


Bad Habits Die Hard

21 Apr

Mr. Beez and I had a fantastic time at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Brewer’s Ball last night.  There were tons of brews to sample, and lots of delicious food! My personal favorites of the night were the cider from Arsenal Cider House, and the short ribs sliders from Fat Heads. YUM.

I know I set a goal of meeting a new person at every event this spring/summer, but I was feeling shy and sheepish.  This was partially because I ALWAYS feel shy and sheepish at events like this, but it didn’t help at all that I felt unfashionable and frumpy.  I stuffed myself into a floral spring dress that I bought nearly 3 years ago.  It’s a fun dress, good for springtime parties, but I was surrounded by people specifically dressed in the latest trends, and I felt BLAH.

I love to window shop online, but I rarely bring myself to actually purchase anything (except for clothes for the office, but even those I don’t purchase often). I’m always promising myself that I’ll buy that when I lose some weight.  For the last two years (actually for the last five years, with a break for pregnancy) I have promised myself a whole new wardrobe when I get down to my goal weight.  That hasn’t happened.  And all I do is beat myself up and make myself uncomfortable in clothes that don’t fit well, or are very plain.  It’s not working.

Today I decided that it’s time to quit that promise.  Yes, I want to get down to my goal weight, but I also work a lot, have a baby who needs playtime and snuggling, and like to go out to decadent restaurants.  Dressing like a frump as a punishment for not meeting my weight goal isn’t fixing any problems.  It’s just making me feel bad.  I decided it’s time to get some decent clothes for my summer events in sizes that fit me NOW.  When I get down to that goal weight, I’ll get new clothes then, too.  But it’s silly to scrape for something to wear, and end up in something ugly and uncomfortable, just because I haven’t met that goal yet.

ASOS is having a fantastic sale right now.  I splurged on a TON of clothes, and paid a fraction of the price.  Seriously, if I had paid full price, I would have only been able to get maybe 3 things. I also love ASOS because it offers free shipping.  I HATE paying for shipping. Thanks to the great sale, my haul was 1 skirt, 2 tops, and 5 dresses. Here’s what I treated myself to:

Obviously, I needed some shoes to go with my new outfits, so I did a little shopping at DSW, too.  Rewards members always get free shipping, and there are frequently great coupon codes easily found online.  I picked up a neutral colored sandal that will work well with many of these dresses for summer events.  I have also been looking for a casual flat to wear with jeans.  Right now I have black patent flats and sneakers, and I wanted something in-between.  I picked all 3 pair for a total of less than $80 (total. not each. I win.)

So even if I’m not at my goal weight, and won’t get there any time soon, at least the new duds will make me look nice and feel confident.  Every girl should get to look nice and feel confident, am I right?