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Pittsburgh Snow Day

30 Dec

It’s been snowing steadily in the ‘burgh since December 26. I’ve done everything I possibly can to stay indoors. Baby Beez is of another mind. She’s been excitedly shrieking “IT’S SNOWING” every time we step outdoors, and has been begging to build a snowman. She was so eager to play in the snow, that when I told her she has to wear snow pants and boots and gloves and a hat if she wants to play in the snow, she put up no fight whatsoever. This is coming from a kid who refuses to wear hats. She was desperate for that snow. So even I, hater of all things cold, bundled up and took the little one into our backyard for playtime. And Baby Beez was right, it was magical.




You can’t have playtime with a toddler without some yelling.


She decided the snowman had worn the hat long enough, and it was time to take it back.

Girls’ Night!

24 Sep

Mr. Beez is in New York on business, so for tonight it is just me and Baby Beez. I have the good/bad problem of being interested in WAY to many things, and being in a city that is immensely full of fantastic and interesting opportunities, so I’m constantly filling my schedule with after work things. This week’s after-work schedule, however, is blissfully empty.

I wanted to keep up with my jogging, but that’s not much of an option when it’s just Baby Beez and me. She’s a nightmare in the stroller (she gets bored after about 10 minutes) and my gym does not offer babysitting for nighttime workouts.

I came up with an idea! The weather was gorgeous and clear tonight– a perfect night for a walk! So I strapped that toddler in the baby carrier, and off we went for a long stroll through Greenfield, Schenley Park, and Squirrel Hill. The rolling hills of these neighborhoods are plenty of a workout, then strap a 25 lb squirming toddler to your back, and it’s PLENTY of exercise!  We had fun seeing deer munching on grass in the park, counting buses, and pointing out the color of cars.

Now it’s time for some Pajanimals before bedtime, zzzzzzzzz


Summer Fun and Greenfield Eats

12 Jun

This Sunday was a Sunday of outdoor activities, and perfect weather.  We started our day at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Summer Reading Extravaganza! This is the 12th year of the event, which draws together all kinds of local organizations for activities for kids aged baby through teen, all centered around and relating to reading.  For the babies and toddlers, there was a toy-filled tent, where library staff read book after book to the little ones.  For kids aged about 4 up, there were tons of arts and crafts and reading activities.  There were even craft and reading related activities that were teen-appropriate.  We had a great time at the festival, and can’t wait to go back next year!

Face full o’ cookies at the Library Summer Reading Extravaganza

Afterward, we went to Mr. Beez’ work picnic.  They had a giant bouncy-dragon.  Baby Beez went up and pat it a few times, but wasn’t interested in going in (good thing, because she was too small to go in on her own, and I was not interested in going in either).  Baby Beez is at that stage where most of her play activity is just exploring, and there were plenty of new things to explore and people to meet at the picnic.  We brought a whole bag of toys, but she wasn’t even interested.  She preferred to go around and look at things and wave to people (and then bashfully run back and hide behind my legs).

Yesterday kicked off an extremely busy work week.  The fun part of my day was that I was interviewed by a Post-Gazette reporter for an article she is writing about living and working under the “billable hour.”  In my usual style, after the interview was over, I panicked that maybe I said something dumb….but I re-reviewed the whole interview in my head, and couldn’t identify any area of inquiry that gave me an opportunity to say something stupid, so I think it will all be OK.  Watch for next Monday’s paper, when her article is scheduled to print.

By the time I got home from work, I was hungry but had no energy or inspiration to cook.  Obvious answer: BIG JIM’S IN THE RUN! This kid-friendly greasy spoon was the perfect solution, when we wanted a hearty dinner, didn’t have the time or energy to cook, and didn’t want to stress over our kid being a terror or disturbing other diners.  Everybody at Big Jim’s is a little boisterous.

I had the eggplant parmigiana dinner. This is seriously enough to feed 4 people (no I did not clean my plate), and was SO GOOD. I want to eat this every day forever.