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Assorted Thoughts on Various Things

28 Aug

1. Winter is Coming

I never in my life thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of ready for summer to be over. Summer is the season of ACTIVITY. It’s all fun activity, and I’m excited to be hanging out with people I like, doing fun things…but it can get tiring. Especially when I’ve overscheduled myself for after-work activities. This week for example, I obviously have work all day every day, and then after work I had a leadership class last night, book club tonight, tomorrow is free, thursday is fantasy football draft, and friday is an event at our Synagogue. Yeesh I got tired just writing that.

In the winter, however, those after work activities peter out. Maybe because the sun sets so early that I’m exhausted by the time I leave the office, and can’t possibly imagine doing one more thing (I am solar powered after all). The idea of not having another activity scheduled after the work day is done is so appealing to me right now, even if it means I spend the evening on the couch writing briefs. When writing briefs in your jammies sounds relaxing, you know you need to revisit your schedule choices.

And in the next breath I tell you that I’m looking into signing Baby Beez up for gymnastics, because she loves bouncing off the walls. And apparently I love not having my Saturday mornings free.

Also, I want a darn pumpkin spice latte.

2. Recurring dreams

I keep having dreams that (1) I marked a hearing on my calendar at a certain time, and then it turns out it’s actually earlier, and I have to run FULL SPEED to the courthouse and beg the judge’s forgiveness, and (2) I’m in college and it’s time for final exams, except I only went to the first or second class, so I don’t know what the exam is about.

I looked into my crystal ball to interpret these dreams. 1 means CHECK YOUR DARN CALENDAR. Luckily I haven’t had any run ins with scheduling like in the dream with work obligations (guilty as charged when it comes to social things, I have those on my calendar on the wrong time or date all the darn time), but checking my darn calendar means that I won’t. And the second dream is probably general anxiety about how well I’ve prepared for this or that or the other. It doesn’t matter if you’ve prepared until you can’t stand it anymore, there’s always that little tinge of anxiety that it’s not enough.

3. Fun Stuff

I got a couple of new pieces that were both great deals. I snagged this awesome Banana Republic statement necklace, after sale and gift card, for only $20 out of pocket. AWESOME.


2012 is the year I finally try ankle boots. I have been undecided about booties and ankle boots, but when I saw these lovely oxblood kicks at H&M for a mere $35, I knew this is the year to make it happen.


4.  BB is apparently auditioning for a Calvin Klein perfume ad.


Happy Tuesday, YINZ