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Hunger Action Month- Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank #BlogMob

17 Sep

L’Shanah Tovah, all! Wishing you a sweet and wonderful New Year! I wish that for all of you, your New Year is full of health and prosperity, and that you share that prosperity with all in your community who are in need!


On Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to tour Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank with a group of Pittsburgh bloggers, and learn about all the amazing programs the food bank provides for 11 Western Pennsylvania counties. I had assumed that the food bank was a food pantry, but it is much much more than that. In addition to providing direct food distribution to individuals, the food bank coordinates food distribution to local food pantries all over Southwestern Pennsylvania, and so many other programs and resources that I can’t even begin to address them all here (but you can learn all about them from the food bank’s webpage!) Better yet, see the hunger action month calendar for inspiration for things you can do in the month of September to take action against hunger.


I was amazed by the sheer size and volume of food at the food bank, and the corresponding need within our community.  You always know that people are in need and are hungry, but the dramatic size of that need really did not strike me until I saw aisle after aisle after aisle of the enormous warehouse.




On the day we toured, the food bank was doing a “produce to the people” distribution.  Produce to the people is a program that distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to those with income qualifications.  I was not only impressed with the variety provided and the food bank’s collaborative work with local farms to distribute much-needed produce, but also the comprehensive information and cooking demonstrations the food bank provided about how to use that produce in healthy, fast, and inexpensive ways.



acorn squash harvest stew

In the face of potential massive funding cuts to SNAP (formerly food stamps), the food bank is leading a paper plate writing campaign, in which individuals write letters to Governor Corbett on paper plates, explaining what SNAP, the food bank, and other hunger-fighting programs that receive government funding have meant to them. Here, Rachel shows off the stack of letter plates collected this night alone.


I was proud that my firm, Thorp Reed & Armstrong LLP, sponsored this event by providing a raffle prize of Pirates tickets and a swag bag.  Here’s the proud winner, who herself is an inspiration.  She’s a high school student running a project that involves collecting totes for the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, and also sewing tote bags from donated fabric.


This tour inspired me to take action.  I’m continuing to pick up a jar of peanut butter to donate each time I stop at the store, and I want to arrange a repacking day where my coworkers and I can help out at the food bank with repacking bulk food into individual-sized distributions.  With my crazy schedule, I am more able to volunteer in a single-event kind of fashion (rather than every week or month).  Of course, the Food Bank and its affiliated entities have plenty of volunteer opportunities for every level of involvement and availability.

One of the other fantastic aspects of the event was getting to meat some inspiring and amazing Pittsburgh Bloggers!  I was so happy to meet Sue of the Tote Bag Project,  Emily, Becky, and Caitlin!  Emily is running an amazing giveaway related to our BlogMob event!  Visit her page here, and you could win a 60 minute coaching session on a topic of your choice!! 

Finally Friday and Magical 2’s

14 Sep

Boy, what a week. I came down with something this week.  It wasn’t quite a flu, all I can say is that my whole body HURT and I was exhausted.  I had to go home from work early and sleep one day, I was feeling so awful.  It seems to have cleared up now, thank goodness…just in time for a weekend that I can use to make up the work I would have otherwise done, but for getting sick.  I also got my annual hours report this week, which is simultaneously a relief that I hit my targets, and also a scare/shock about how much time I devoted to work and work-related activities last year.  After seeing those numbers and not feeling the greatest, on Wednesday I decided that YES I really DID need to go home and lie down.

Yesterday was the BlogMob event at the Food Bank, and it was fantastic. I learned so much about the good work that the Food Bank does, and I’m eager to share about it.  I want to devote the proper care and attention that post deserves, so you can expect to see that post early next week.

Now on to musing about the small creature in our house. The Terrible 2’s certainly deserve their rep, but Baby Beez at 2 has also been SO much fun. Her language has developed so much in the last few weeks. She’s gone from 2 word phrases to now making up her own songs. Still excited about her recent birthday, yesterday she sang “Happy Day! Happy Day! Elmo! Juice! Cake!”

She started in the big kids room in daycare this week. In the 1 year old room, she was always a little whiny when I dropped her off. She wanted me to hand her off to a teacher for a few snuggles. Now, in the big kids room, she dashes in and starts playing IMMEDIATELY. She’s not even interested in saying goodbye, she just wants to PLAY.

I think the other kids are inspiring her. She’s been spouting out numbers and letters nonstop this week (she doesn’t necessarily identify the right letters, or yell out the numbers in order, but she’s having fun with them anyway). The kids start on potty training in the big kid room, and she is so excited to tell me about the potty.

She loves, loves, loves her music. At gymnastics last weekend, the teacher played the “Ants Go Marching” song, and Baby Beez marched her way around the room for the whole song. She was very confused by the other kids who continued to climb and play instead of marching to the “Ants Go Marching” song.  That song is for marching of course!

Ah, big girl. I’m proud of you kiddo.


Yum! Blueberry muffins!

It’s GO TIME! #BlogMob #Hunger

13 Sep

Tonight I, along with two marvelous co-hosts, will be hosting BLOGMOB at Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank

There’s still some room to fit one or two more bloggers in, so if you can make it, don’t be shy!

I’ve got a car full of goodies to donate, and am looking forward to meeting great people and promoting a great cause!

Hope to see yinz tonight!