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Monday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Friday

26 Sep

This week has been very confusing.  I did not go to work today because we went to Yom Kippur services.  That means all the other days of the week have felt like Mondays and Fridays, and it’s all very topsy turvy.

We took Baby Beez to the telling of the Jonah and the Whale story, and the Childrens’ Service.  We watched online streaming video of the morning services.  It’s an adjustment, to go from feeling like I’m expected or required to do Yom Kippur in a certain way (get up early, go to early services, be grouchy), and move toward letting go of that feeling of requirement, and instead practicing my religion in the way that’s best and most meaningful for my family.

Today was very low key, and we were all together.  I thought a lot about the coming year, and adjustments I want to make in my life.  I do not have a set of “resolutions,” but I want to continue working on making meaningful, deliberate choices.  I am a person of many interests.  Virtually every opportunity that comes up, whether it’s a social gathering, or an educational opportunity, or an opportunity to work on needs in the community, I’m the first one to jump up and say “YES! Include me!” Being socially involved is a positive thing for sure, but I do need to continue to work on not over-committing myself.  I need to remember to carve out some unstructured time to relax with my family, and also some unstructured time for myself.