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Bachelor Number One, Mishka Shubaly (2012)

29 Aug

I stumbled upon this book browsing through the Kindle Owners Lending Library (a feature of Amazon Prime that lets you borrow one book for free per month, and advertises itself as offering thousands of titles, but unfortunately most of them suck).

This is Shubaly’s third Kindle Single, and he has a hand for writing fun and light novellas.  Apparently he has had a kind of insane life, full of drinking, drugs, and getting shipwrecked.  He writes these shorts about the (mis)adventures he has found himself in.  They’re a little pessimistic and self-depricating, but completely entertaining.  I love the accomplishment of plowing through a book in one or two evenings.  Shubaly’s writing is fun, and makes me feel like some genius speed reader (the whole thing is maybe like 100 pages).

Bachelor Number One recounts Shubaly’s turn at eligibility for a television dating show.  The book is focused on the absurdity of the whole audition process, and is rather funny (although not entirely surprising).  Unfortunately, right when the book is really starting to pick up steam is where the whole thing ends.  And not “ends” like in “leaves a cliffhanger for a sequel” but “ends” as in “the bottom falls out of the story and its done.” I would have liked it to go a bit longer, but it is a book about his life after all, and sometimes life doesn’t give you the plotline you’re looking for.

Although summer reading lists are quickly coming to a close, Shubaly’s a shoo-in if you need something light to read on the beach (you lucky dog, you), or on an airplane.