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T’was the Night Before Christmas

24 Dec

T’was the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house

There was Screaming.


Because we live with parrots.

And it is never quiet here.

Merry Christmas, Yinz.


Foodblogging for the birds

12 Oct

I have two delightful screeching feathered creatures in my home, Alida and Ricky.

Here’s Alida looking charming with Mr. Beez and I.

Here’s Ricky. He never looks charming because he hates me and wants to eat my face.

Parrots are ridiculously time, energy, and money intense pets.  They need daily time out to explore (destroy), they need constant rotation of toys (and cardboard to destroy) to keep them busy, and they need a varied diet of fruits, veggies, mash, and pellets. I make a huge batch of mash, and freeze it in ziplok bags, which I defrost and feed them as needed.  One half-full ziplok is enough for about 3 meals for both birds (it’s best to freeze & defrost in small batches, because the defrosted mash can quickly go rancid. Also you can’t leave it in their bowls for too long, because it will go bad.)

Highly Unscientific Birdie Mash recipe

Whatever dried beans I can find in the cupboard, a couple of handfuls of each kind. (This time I used navy beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans.)

-Whatever dried grains I can find in the cupboard, a couple of handfuls of each kind. (This time I used a wild rice medley, barley, and millet.)

-Veggies, cut up into small pieces.

-Red Palm Oil, about 0.25 cup

Quick soak the beans by rinsing them, then putting them in a big pot with a lot of water.  Cover and bring to a boil, then let them sit for an hour.

Put all the grains into a turned-off crock pot.  Don’t do anything else with the crock pot until the beans are done quick-soaking.

Once the beans are done quick soaking, drain them and rinse them with cool water.  Then add them to the crock pot.

If you’re going to add veggies, chop them up.  I don’t usually add veggies in (I give them fruit and veggies separately), but I had some kale that needed to be used, so I added it.

Add the veggies to the crock pot, and add water up to about half an inch from the top of the crock pot.

Add about 0.25 cup of Red Palm Oil to the crock pot.  Red Palm Oil is a very important and beneficial supplement for parrots.

Cook on high until it’s all cooked….a few hours. When the beans and grains are soft, it’s done.  If you can, take the pot part out of the crock pot, to let it cool.

Divide up into individual ziplok baggies, and make sure it cools all the way.  Then freeze the ziploks, and thaw as needed.

Here’s the birdie mash, with some sunflower sprouts, all ready to eat!