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Today! Today! Today! Party time with .@HaitianFam1st !!

31 Jan

Today is the day! It’s the Haitian Families First Back to School Party!
I’m excited for all this to come together. Great sponsors have stepped up, we’ll be rockin out with The Standard Band and we’ve got really awesome gift baskets to raffle off. I feel especially blessed to have AWESOME friends who put together a HUGE wine basket (16 bottles!!) for the raffle auction!
Now I just have to tie up a few loose ends, and shuttle like 3 car loads worth of stuff to Bricolage, and then it’s time to PARTY!! See yinz all tonight!!


Thursday Mashup

13 Dec

1. Tweet Tweet


I went to the PGH TweetUp last night at Verde, and met a lot of great new people and had a fun time! I am typically NOT comfortable with walking into a room full of people I don’t know and just “networking,” but everyone was super easygoing and friendly. It was so fun! And I’m excited about getting to know other people who are just as crazy about social media as I am!

I was so busy talking with people that I took few pictures. But I DID snap a picture of the birthday tequila, for one of the TweetUp attendees who was celebrating his 30th!

Verde Birthday Tequila

Verde graciously offered a 20% discount on all gift cards purchased last night. I didn’t end up eating dinner there (but had a Paloma cocktail, and it was GOOD), so I did pick up a gift card so that Mr. Beez and I will be sure to stop by to sample the grub! I’m excited, because it looked super super delicious.

2. Holidays holidays

Holiday parties are in full swing right now, and my motivation has sunken to a record low. I have work to do, and it should be done timely and effectively. However, the temptation to skip out of work and go to the movies is KILLING me. I’m generally all-or-nothing. I get in to work, I work straight through with few breaks, and go home. I’m thinking maybe I should toss some other breaks in there to keep myself motivated. How do you deal with the wintertime blahs?

3. Poultry in the Mail

Looky here what arrived at my office yesterday. Yessssss.

4.  Random photo I took last week of the view from Bankruptcy Court.


A Day of Joy and Celebration

31 Oct

My mom and I started the morning off at the salon. This beautiful bride was earthshaking. Literally! There was a little earthquake while we were getting out hair done.




Then we were off to the ceremony!


Baby Beez was a very enthusiastic flower girl!


And then it was time to celebrate!


Baby Beez invited herself to their first dance.



And what would a Jewish wedding be without a Hora and a chair dance?





Ommmm nom nom nom


The wedding was a wonderful event.  I’m so happy that they have found such joy together, and am so excited that our family has expanded by new brothers and sisters in law, cousins, aunts and uncles.  Baby Beez had such fun playing with her new cousins, and keeps singing the “jump up and down” song with their names.  We all can’t wait until our next big get-together!