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Lego KidsFest Overload (thanks to @PittsburghMag for the free tix!)

2 Dec

I was giddy to learn that I won Pittsburgh Magazine’s giveaway for tickets to the Lego KidsFest. Baby Beez is just barely on the age spectrum for this event, and while I thought it would be a lot of fun to check it out, I was not motivated to drop the $20ish per ticket. The event ended up being really cool, but also completely overstimulating for both kids and adults. It covers the whole convention center floor, and there are TONS of exhibits including massive piles of Legos for kids to play with, impressive lego sculptures, videogames, contests, plenty of Lego dioramas including an entire mini Lego city and Viking ship diorama.



Baby Beez and her little friend did really enjoy running around and playing. We did not stay for a very long time because these kids would have simply exploded (into a screaming toddler mess) from all the excitement. The perfect age for this event is about 5 to 11. Added bonus- there are lots of chairs around the outside of the exhibits for parents to just relax while their kids go hog wild.


I expected the event to be complete chaos, but was very pleased to find that even though the tickets went like hotcakes, it was not overcrowded. Although my kid certainly did not use it one bit, I liked that there is a “relaxation” area for kids, full of beanbags and books, where they can go to wind down. I thought the event was really cool and well managed. If Lego KidsFest comes by your city, go check it out. You’ll have a great time!






Roaring like a dragon


And this is where she got so overstimulated that she started JUMPING UP AND DOWN NONSTOP






This picture pretty much sums up the whole evening.