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Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Our family is Jewish, but Mr. Beez’ parents are Catholic, so we go over to their place to share Christmas with them. I feel like we’ve dodged Baby Beez’s questions about Santa (at least for a few years), because we’re OK with Santa leaving presents for her at Grandma & PopPop’s house. Even though she doesn’t understand yet, we are careful to explain to her that Jewish holidays are our holidays, and Christian holidays are not our holidays, but we share them with others. Balancing out competing traditions is always tricky, but I think we’ve worked out a system for our Interfaith family that works out OK.

Christmas this year featured a delicious, decadent yule log from Jean-Marc Chatellier bakery in Millvale.


We also had a TurDucKen. I wanted to try it because it just sounded crazy and over the top, but it really just tastes like a turkey. It was fun for one year, but I think we’ll stick to regular (and much cheaper) turkeys from here on out.


It looks like Jabba the Turkey.

Santa brought lots of presents for Baby Beez. Lots of presents with lots of parts, like a grocery cart/cash register, magnet ABC’s, and a pizza kitchen thing. Lots of small parts means these toys are staying at Grandma & PopPop’s house.




And tonight, Baby Beez gets to spend the night at Grandma and PopPop’s house, while Mr. Beez and I go catch the Hobbit at the movies! I hope you all had a fun and wonderful Christmas.  I could really go for some Chinese food right now.

Chanukah, Half Way

11 Dec

Baby Beez started the first night of Chanukah enamored by the lights and thrilled with the presents. Now, a few days in, in true toddler style, the second we walk in the door at home she demands “CANDLES! PRESENTS! CHOCOLATE!” Oh, the tantrum that will come when we have to tell her it is all over.



Baby Beez and her little friend opening presents on the first night.


Baby Beez’ buddy gave her a stroller and baby for Chanukah.  This present by far is her favorite.  She has been pushing baby all over the house, and even demanded we bring baby when we had to go into the office this weekend.


Baby Beez was also thrilled with her basket of food (GRAPES!) from her NayNay and Poppy Sam.  There is now plastic food all over the basement.  And she keeps trying to force feed her baby plastic cheese sandwiches.