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Bites and Brews at South Street Brewery (Charlottesville, VA)

13 Jan

Tomorrow it’s back to real life. Trial college certainly wasn’t a vacation, but since I didn’t have the extra responsibilities of feeding the parrots, packing lunches and getting a small person dressed and out the door, I at least got to sleep in til 7am. Tomorrow, the alarm goes off at 6 again. So on this last evening before I’m back to business, I’m taking a couple moments to think back on the good eats we had on our last night in Charlottesville. South Street Brewery came highly recommended, and it did not disappoint. It’s a standard microbrewery/pub, but the food is tasty, the ambiance welcoming, and the brews carefully crafted.


South street is known for its giant soft pretzels.  They are salty and fresh, and come with a trio of dipping sauces.  I’m a mustard fan, and was happy they offered 2 varieties.  The dijon mustard had a lot of kick, but not too much for this wimpy eater.  I especially loved the honey mustard (but I pretty much always love honey mustard).


I was in the mood for pub food (they also have pasta, steaks and other such entrees) and picked the pulled pork.  Great choice, great choice!  The pulled pork was tender, flavorful and not oversauced. The house salad was huge, and high quality.  This wasn’t some sad wilty iceberg thing.  It was piled high and full of veggies.  It was awesome.


I really loved the feel of the restaurant.  There was a big bar area where you could sit and sample the brews.  There was also ample table seating for families and groups.  On top of that, there was also even a lounge-type area with coffee shop type chairs.  Even though I hesitate to go to bars or restaurants solo, I would not be shy of wandering in here myself, cozying up in a chair and having myself a drink.  It’s relaxed and the staff was friendly.  It’s too bad that it’s so darn far away.  But I’m sure that the next time I find myself in Charlottesville, I’ll find my way to South Street Brewery.

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