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The many things on my mind to-day

9 Sep

1. It feels like wonderful glorious fall

Hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick? Don’t mind if I do!


2. I’m always impressed with the high quality of decadent food you can get at a reasonable price for brunch.

Park Bruges price fix brunch includes entree, side, and cocktail. Oh yum.


Pork belly over roasted apples and potatoes, topped with two eggs, potato souffle on the side, and a mimosa.
Park Bruges on Urbanspoon

3. Farewell to Schenley Plaza Kids Days for the season.

Today we saw a puppet show, made a short stop at the library to run around the kids’ section, and rode the carousel FOUR times until Mommy got motion sick and said it was time to go.


Baby Beez didn’t nap well and was tired herself. On the way back to the car, the following exchange ensued:

Baby Beez: MOM

Me: Yes, baby

Baby Beez: MOM

Me: What?

Baby Beez: COFFEE

Me: No. You’re a baby. Babies don’t drink coffee.

Baby Beez: Milk?

No exaggeration, this is what she literally said. Crazy kid.

4. I fear I’m going to be run out of Pixburg with flaming torches and pitchforks for admitting this, but…

I love going to Giant Eagle during the Steelers games. Sweet sweet silence.

5. Speaking of fall weather and da Stillerz…

I could use some chili and cornbread!

6. I’m in week 4 of the Couch to 5k program

In the past I had chickened out of C25k because keeping track of all the timing was too cumbersome. Then my friend Regina introduced me to the C-2-5k Free app, and I had NO excuse to not do it. I’m almost done with week 4 of this 8 week program, and I’m glad to say that joy of running is returning to me.

With all this jogging, it was high time to update my playlist. This is what’s currently on my running list, but I’m always looking for new tunes. PLEASE feel free to suggest your favorite workout songs!! I’m perpetually seeking new additions to this playlist.

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Squonk Opera Roadshow in Schenley Plaza

27 Aug

We’ve been living it up with the Schenley Plaza free events this summer. First it was the Carnegie Library Reading Extravaganza (not a Plaza event, but it was in the same general area), then we visited Kids’ Day in the Plaza, and then we spent an evening enjoying a free Squonk Opera performance in the plaza. The night was beautiful and mild, and Baby Beez was in the mood for dancing.


All of the performance was great, but my absolute favorite parts were one performer’s “peacock tail” made up of bicycle horns, and a piano that rotated upside down (then rightside up, and over and over) as the artist was playing. Squonk brings a whimsical, but not infantile, perspective to music. Congrats to Squonk Opera on their 20th Anniversary!






(Please excuse the out of focus pictures.)

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Blogger Dinner: The Porch at Schenley Park

15 Aug

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week featured a food blogger dinner tonight, hosted by the Porch at Schenley Park. The Porch is a bistro-type eatery in Schenley Plaza that focuses on local fare. I only learned days ago that it has its own rooftop garden and beehive. Our price fixe meal special also included the opportunity to hike up to the roof and check out the garden!


Rooftop plants that insulate the restaurant’s roof (and Pitt’s beautiful Cathedral of Learning of course!)




We started the evening with refreshing blueberry lavender cocktails, featuring Wigle Whiskey. I’m not a huge blueberry fan, but these were great. I could spend hours sipping them at the Porch’s outdoor tables, as the sun slowly sinks.


The Porch offered a generous spread of fruit, cheese, and small eats (even oysters! but I didn’t snap a pictures of those).


The Porch’s executive chef came out and chatted with us about his philosophy, and his guiding principles in running the restaurant. He tends the rooftop gardens himself, and he also has a half-cow sent in monthly, which they butcher in house.  In addition to butchering, creating menus, tending to customers, and cooking, the chef is also personally responsible for the rooftop garden. When does this guy sleep?


My friend Katy and I were lucky to share our table with Quelcy of With the Grains, and Ali (whose blog name I can’t remember! Ali, if you see this, tell me your blog name!!) We had great conversation and great food! The starter was a beef tartare dish that was ENORMOUS. I’ve only ever been served beef tartare in bite-sized portions. This was a lot of tartare. I liked the mix of olive and herbs with the meat, it gave it a nice salty, flavorful taste.


The main dish was a pork saltimbocca. I had no idea what saltimbocca was, but it is essentially a cooking technique that involves filling the meat with herbs and (in this case) proscioutto. The flavor was homey and accessible. I especially liked that it incorporated beans and tomatoes from the rooftop garden.


The dessert was a blueberry and chocolate tart accompanied by hazelnut brittle. I don’t much care for blueberry pie, and I considered requesting something else, but the chef did promise that it was AWESOME. He was right. The blueberries did not overtake the dish, and they complemented the chocolate beautifully. That was a darn good tart. I skipped the brittle, because after a childhood incident in which I ate an entire jar of Nutella (don’t do that), I can’t stomach the taste of hazelnuts.  My dining companions, though, spoke highly of the brittle.


My dinner at the Porch was lovely. In a neighborhood stuffed with fast food campus fare, the Porch adds something just a little nicer.  (Note to students moving in to the dorms in a couple weeks:  Get your parents to take you to the Porch for a meal, while they and their wallets are still in town!)

The Porch at Schenley on Urbanspoon

Kids Days at Schenley Plaza

13 Aug

During my Sunday morning routine of reading a million different social media sites, I came across a tweet from I Heart PGH advertising Kids Days at Schenley Plaza. I’ve been meaning to take my carousel loving kid there for a ride, and this was a perfect opportunity to let her ride to her heart’s content for FREE!

We rode the elephant


AND the dinosaur!


Mother Goose told stories!


We splashed in the fountain!


and we even had a caricature drawn!

The next Kids Day is September 9. All the activities– face painting, caricatures, entertainment, and carousel rides– are free!