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Assorted Thoughts on Various Things

28 Aug

1. Winter is Coming

I never in my life thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of ready for summer to be over. Summer is the season of ACTIVITY. It’s all fun activity, and I’m excited to be hanging out with people I like, doing fun things…but it can get tiring. Especially when I’ve overscheduled myself for after-work activities. This week for example, I obviously have work all day every day, and then after work I had a leadership class last night, book club tonight, tomorrow is free, thursday is fantasy football draft, and friday is an event at our Synagogue. Yeesh I got tired just writing that.

In the winter, however, those after work activities peter out. Maybe because the sun sets so early that I’m exhausted by the time I leave the office, and can’t possibly imagine doing one more thing (I am solar powered after all). The idea of not having another activity scheduled after the work day is done is so appealing to me right now, even if it means I spend the evening on the couch writing briefs. When writing briefs in your jammies sounds relaxing, you know you need to revisit your schedule choices.

And in the next breath I tell you that I’m looking into signing Baby Beez up for gymnastics, because she loves bouncing off the walls. And apparently I love not having my Saturday mornings free.

Also, I want a darn pumpkin spice latte.

2. Recurring dreams

I keep having dreams that (1) I marked a hearing on my calendar at a certain time, and then it turns out it’s actually earlier, and I have to run FULL SPEED to the courthouse and beg the judge’s forgiveness, and (2) I’m in college and it’s time for final exams, except I only went to the first or second class, so I don’t know what the exam is about.

I looked into my crystal ball to interpret these dreams. 1 means CHECK YOUR DARN CALENDAR. Luckily I haven’t had any run ins with scheduling like in the dream with work obligations (guilty as charged when it comes to social things, I have those on my calendar on the wrong time or date all the darn time), but checking my darn calendar means that I won’t. And the second dream is probably general anxiety about how well I’ve prepared for this or that or the other. It doesn’t matter if you’ve prepared until you can’t stand it anymore, there’s always that little tinge of anxiety that it’s not enough.

3. Fun Stuff

I got a couple of new pieces that were both great deals. I snagged this awesome Banana Republic statement necklace, after sale and gift card, for only $20 out of pocket. AWESOME.


2012 is the year I finally try ankle boots. I have been undecided about booties and ankle boots, but when I saw these lovely oxblood kicks at H&M for a mere $35, I knew this is the year to make it happen.


4.  BB is apparently auditioning for a Calvin Klein perfume ad.


Happy Tuesday, YINZ

Baby’s First Trip to Littles

15 Jul

Littles Shoes is a Pittsburgh institution.  It has been around for about a million years, and despite Zappos and DSW putting the little man out of business, Littles has stayed strong.  I made the poor choice of buying Baby Beez discount sandals, and they lasted only a few weeks before she destroyed them.  It was time to take a wander down to Littles and get Baby Beez the real deal– a pair of sturdy, washable Keens.

That’s a terrible picture of me, but check out Baby Beez’ new kicks!

Baby Beez was scared of getting her feet measured.  The salesman was patient and clearly very experienced dealing with young moody children.  He even brought her some stickers!  It was nice to actually have someone helping us, as opposed to the DIY shoe purchase experience that is so common now.

After our shoe shopping, we made a stop over to Baskin Robbins for a sweet treat.

Baby Beez dug into her Salty Caramel ice cream with two spoons!

Impulse Buy

14 Mar

Around 11 am, everything at work gets a little hectic, and I get a little stressed, and all of a sudden WHAM I get emails from HauteLook and ideeli and Gilt Groupe and Rue La La all at once.  Being a little stressed, my defenses drop, and all of a sudden I MUST BUY.

I’ve resisted the temptation lately by sending the emails directly to the trash.  Yesterday, I wasn’t so disciplined.  I opened up the Rue La La email and spotted some Sperry Top Sider pumps that I had seen previously, desperately wanted, but didn’t buy.  All of these sites thrive on the idea of limited supply and urgency, and yesterday it won me over.  I swooped them up.

I always have a little trouble trying to decide what shoes to wear for “jeans day” at work.  On the weekends,  I wear sneakers almost exclusively, but those aren’t work appropriate.  My patent leather flats have been in heavy rotation in my work wardrobe, but these new shoes will give me something new to put in the “jeans day” mix.

Good Idea/Bad Idea

23 Feb

I don’t have many thoughts today, so we’ll play “Good Idea/Bad Idea” courtesy of Anthropologie.

Good Idea.

Bad Idea.

Good Idea.

Bad Idea.

Good Idea.

Bad Idea.

bb shews

5 Dec

One of the BEST things about having a little girl is the little girl shoes! Baby Beez started walking for serious about 2 weeks ago.  I bought her 2 new pair of Stride Rites right around that time, and already she has trashed them. That kid is HARD on her shoes.  It looks like I’m going to be pouring a lot of money down the drain on baby shoes…but is that really so bad?  This kid has also caught her mama’s shoe habit.  She is proud of her shoes and likes to show them off to people. It’s ridiculous, and adorable.

My mother offered to buy Baby Beez a pair of shoes or two for Hanukkah, and so last night I ventured into the treacherous world of online baby shoe shopping.  I managed to keep my credit cards in check, but I did harass Mr. Beez every 5 minutes or so with “LOOK AT THESE SHOES, THEY ARE SO CUTE!”  Some favorites:

Livie & Luca Blossom T-Strap

Livie & Luca London Boot

PUMA Future Cat Remix LX Fashion Sneaker



See Kai Run Megan Fashion Sneaker



See Kai Run Beatrice Floral Boot

All together now: Awwwwwww!

Window shopping for shoes

26 Nov

Like usual, I’m online window shopping for shoes.  The way I do this, you’d think that my closet would rival Imalda Marcos’…it doesn’t. I just like to look at shoes online. A lot. Can online shoe-browsing be considered a legitimate hobby?

Because it’s the holiday season, all the retailers are having DOORBUSTERS.  I swear I’ve gotten about 15 emails each day over the last week over these AMAZING SALES FOR MUST HAVE GIFTS.  The upside is that I’ve been online window shopping so darn much that I am getting shopping fatigue.  I’ve bought hardly anything, and already my desire to shop is petering out.  (This is hardly a problem for holiday gifts, since like way back in June I’ve had lists of what I want to buy each person, so there’s not much to “do” holiday-shopping-wise).

I’m about 10 years late on this trend, but I’m just now actually interested in Uggs.  They’ve been around so long that they’re not even a novelty anymore.  I never much liked the idea of pull-on boots, it seems like that would be uncomfortable or a hassle.  That is why I really like these Ugg Kenleys, that have a zipper up the side.  I also like that they’re in grey, I feel like grey is more versatile than black (you can wear it with navy! but still not with brown), and like black, can be either dressy or casual.

Last winter I completely destroyed my brown boots.  I’m on the lookout for new brown boots, but would also like to go with flat boots for a change.  My last 2 pair of brown boots have both had heels, which are nice, but my lazy feet are ready for something a little more comfortable.  I really like the Teva Jade Cove High Boot, and despite its brand, it doesn’t look like something you’d go tromping around in at summer camp.

In a completely different direction, I love these Miu Miu Gold Glitter Pumps.  I love the sparkle, and especially love the odd curvy shape.  There is a 0% chance that these shoes will ever show up in my closet.  In addition to costing multiple times over what I’m willing to shell out for a pair of shoes, I don’t think I’ve got the style or the courage to pull these off.

I’m also in love with Pollini’s Suede Tassel pumps.  I’m in love with almost any shoe in blue.

fall shoe roundup

13 Oct

I want to buy just about every shoe Anthropologie has for sale this fall.  My shoe closet is overwhelmingly black and brown.  I should be more daring and try out jeweltones and sparkles.  On the unusual occasion that I pick a brightly-colored shoe, I usually pair it with an all-black outfit.  Someday I’ll bust out the big guns and wear brightly-colored shoes and a colorful outfit. Ok, maybe not.

The color pairing here is so unusual, and I usually detest oxfords as clunky and awkward, but these Colorblocked Oxford Heels are oddly charming.  I don’t know what kind of outfit they would work with, but it would have to be something very simple, so that these shoes would shine.  Neatly tailored tweed pants and a white buttondown would probably do nicely, or a simple pencil skirt.

This heel on these Rakish & Roughhewn Heels is the perfect height for me (2.5″), and I love the mix of the gold and wood.  The sleek fabric keeps the shoe looking polished, even with the rough edge.  Satin can be tough to wear, because if your outfit is too fancy, you look like you got lost on the way to a wedding.  Also, you have to mind the weather, because water can stain and ruin your shoes.  These would add some pop to a basic navy pantsuit.

I find that light-colored shoes run a high risk of making a decent outfit look terrible.  I wore grey flats one day with black tights, saw my reflection in the mirrored elevator door, and spent the remainder of the day worrying “omg, what am I wearing?”  With the vertical bow, these Antaresia T-Straps can either be dressy or casual, and I think they’d pair perfectly with jeans for casual day at the office.