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Let’s Talk Halloween

5 Oct

Now that we’re 5 days into October, I no longer feel like it’s obnoxiously early to talk Halloween.  This is the first year that Baby Beez is actually going to know what the heck is going on, and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. I was very tense on all things related to costume selection.  I was worried she would want to dress as a princess or mermaid or something obnoxiously girly (I’m not the obnoxiously girly type)…or worse, something involving Caillou. Yuck.

Well we got a costume catalog in the mail, and that kid POUNCED.  She looked through all the pictures.  I directed her to the toddler section, where she could choose from all her favorites!  There was Elmo! And Cookie Monster! And Nemo!  And my darling daughter immediately seized upon DJ LANCE ROCK!

She carried that catalog around for DAYS, and repeatedly pointed to the tiny Yo Gabba Gabba DJ costume, and pointed and shouted “GABBA! GABBA! GABBA!”  I resisted at first.  This is a kid that tears off hats and only wears sunglasses for moments at a time (and they’re always upside down).  A costume depending on a signature hat and glasses for recognizability might be a bad choice.  I suggested the Nemo costume. She loves Nemo, and she would still be recognizable without the fin-hat.  But she was insistant.  Day after day with the catalog and “GABBA! GABBA! GABBA!”

I ordered her DJ Lance Rock costume.  It came in the mail along with a musical light up Yo Gabba Gabba toy boombox I splurged on.  I was excited to dress her in it.  I put the hat on her, and she immediately chucked it across the room.  I tried to coax her into the shirt, and she screamed “nooooo!” 

So she loves the costume, she just doesn’t like being in the costume.  I hope that changes in the next 26 days.

We only get about 3 kids per year at our house for trick or treating, so this year we will leave a candy bowl on the porch, and take Baby Beez out around Greenfield in Squirrel HIll (so that she can collect candy for her parents to eat).  I am very tempted to get myself a Muno costume, but suspect that would push the limit from “funny” to “creepy.”

Are you or your kids dressing up this year?  What will be your costume?

Adventures in Lawyering

30 Apr

Fresh from my adventure to Ah-hi-yah (Ohio, for you people not living in Ah-hi-yah), today I ventured deep into Pennsylvania’s heartland, for a 10 minute meeting in Harrisburg.  To be fair, once I got to Hbg, I spent about 30 minutes waiting for that meeting, so that gave me about 40 minutes in the fine capital of our Commonwealth, for my 7 hours of driving.  Sometimes being a lawyer is like that.

I did snap a pic of our lovely Capitol building.  This was my first trip to Harrisburg, so seeing something new was exciting.

On Friday, my lawyer friends and I showed what upstanding, responsible jurists we are with a ridiculously FUN scavenger hunt around downtown Pittsburgh, sponsored by the bar association’s Young Lawyers Division.

We found a slide in Station Square!

Owling on a bus bench.

Checking out the arcade!


I am writing this post while watching the finale of RuPaul’s drag race! YAY SHARON NEEEDLES! PITTSBURGH REPRESENT!

Can this post be any more miscellaneous?

Well, I survived!

9 Mar

I survived my adventure on local cable tonight.  I’d call it my “television debut,” but I actually got to be in a short interview on local cable when I was in 7th grade.  Does that mean I’m a celebrity now?

I was a little (ok, a lot) out of my league politically.  Chelsa Wagner and Patti Weaver are politicians for a living, so they spend all day thinking and discussing these kinds of issues.

I, too, spend all day thinking about and discussing issues…however the difference is that as a lawyer, and particularly as a litigator,  you are given the starting point and the end goal, and your responsibility is to articulate a method to successfully get your client from point A to point B.

Political discourse, in contrast, is open ended.  You start with point A, but create point B, and you are not necessarily accountable for how to get from A to B.

For me tonight it was a different kind of thinking and a different kind of discussion than I usually engage in.  It was fun to branch out of my zone of comfort and try something new.

I called Mr. Beez right as the show was over.  He promised that I didn’t look like a fool.  He also said that he was proud of me for not making faces or having an outburst toward the Tea Party lady (Patti Weaver).  He let Baby Beez stay up to watch Mama on TV, but apparently she screamed every time I came on screen, and reached toward the TV set with her arms out, begging her TV Mama to pick her up.  Poor confused kid.


Lighting up the small screen!

9 Mar

I’ll be on television tonight! I was asked to be on a panel on PCNC’s (local cable) Night Talk.

Night Talk is a talkshow where they throw together 3 panelists, a moderator, and a mish-mash list of topics and see what happens.  There isn’t a specific topic I’m there to talk about, the moderator just throws us issues, and lets the discussion guide itself.

The other scheduled panelists are Chelsa Wagner and Patti Weaver.  I’m a little nervous that I’ll be out of my league on some political issues, but hey, I’m a lawyer, I can shoot from the hip, right?

If you don’t have any other plans tonight, and if you want to see my mug in your living room (hopefully not making a fool of myself), tune in to channel 35!

Now I’m off to read every newspaper I can find, to get s-m-r-t before tonight!

Making TV decisions for your kid…

19 Nov

I’ve had several discussions lately about what we let our kids watch on TV, and when.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television viewing for children under 2.  I wish I could say I followed that diligently, but I can’t.  One of the things I like most about Baby Beez attending daycare is that it takes a huge chunk out of her potential TV exposure.  In an in-home daycare situation, I wouldn’t be comfortable making demands that the sitter not watch TV, and even if I made such demands, there would be no way to see that the sitter was actually keeping the TV off.  At daycare, there are no TV’s.  It’s a non-issue. I love it.

We only have 1 TV in the house (in the basement den), and we never turn it on in the morning.  In the evening, there is usually only about 1 hour of “free” time between when Baby Beez gets home from daycare, eats her dinner, and goes to bed, so there is very little time for TV exposure there.  All that being said, I do let Baby Beez watch TV occasionally.  I have limited tolerance for kids’ shows, and I only let her watch things that aren’t annoying…this means she’s gotten to watch Sesame Street, the Wiggles, Yo Gabba Gabba…and that’s about it.  Sesame Street is on at 7am on the weekends, so if we’re up then, I let her watch it.  If we’re sleeping, we skip it.


I have no idea when Yo Gabba Gabba or the Wiggles are on TV, so Baby Beez only watches clips of those shows now and then on the internet.  She loves the music, and likes to dance along.  We don’t watch the clips often, maybe once a week.

We also have the TV on with grownup shows when Baby Beez is awake sometimes.  Baby Beez isn’t very interested in TV, and most of her TV exposure involves her playing with her toys, while Mr. Beez and I catch a show.   This is not a whole lot of time (we don’t have much TV watching time anyway), so I’m comfortable that I’m not inundating her with TV.

Even so, it’s hard to make decisions about the content of shows it’s acceptable to have on while she is awake.  My biggest rule is no violence.  No shooting, no stabbing, no fighting.  I don’t even like to have shows on where people are having intense and angry arguments.  I know that as she gets bigger, I won’t be able to shield her forever, but I don’t see any redeeming value in her being exposed to anger and violence.

We end up watching a lot of food related shows on the Travel Channel and the Food Channel, and a fair number of shows on Style Network or E!  I also have a bad habit of watching VH1 top 20 videos on the weekend, which Baby Beez loves.  She loves to sway and dance to the music.  I change the channel when a video shows violent, or it gets all bumpin’ and grindin’, but since it’s VH1, there aren’t a whole lot of those.

How do you make decisions about whether to let your kid watch TV, or what shows to watch? What are your rules?

American Horror Story

21 Oct

I finally got around to watching American Horror Story this week.  I had seen the previews over the last few months and was super-excited about it, but didn’t get around to find out what time it was on. Oops. (FYI–it’s on Wednesdays at 10 pm on FX). I missed the first 2 episodes, but I can catch up with them on Hulu, hooray!

The barebones summary is that the show is about a family that moves into a haunted house…the plot is actually a LOT more complicated than that, but I don’t really know what’s going on (not entirely sure the writers know what’s going on either) so I’m not even going to try to summarize it.  There are a lot of ghosts, except it’s not always immediately apparent that they’re ghosts, and there’s all kinds of scary and surreal stuff.  Wow, this is a non-informative review.

LOST and Twin Peaks were amongst my favorite shows, and American Horror Story draws heavily from that genre of confusion, fright, and surrealism.  The story is non-linear, with flashbacks and things being told somewhat out of order. It jumps around in time and perspective, which can be tricky to follow, but makes the show all the more exciting.

I should be able to eventually write a more substantive review.  I haven’t looked forward to a show this much for a while, and this one looks to be a really good one.  For now, I’ve got two episodes to catch up on before next Wednesday.