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The Common Plea Restaurant

5 Sep

I’ve known about  the Common Plea restaurant for about forever, but it has taken me years to make my way down to this Ross Street institution. Unlike Market Square offerings that demand a bit of a hike, the Common Plea offers a fancy-pants option in close proximity to Allegheny County’s courthouses. The Common Plea strives to attract the dinner/theater crowd, but as beneficial as its location is for lunchtime, it’s situated a bit far from the Cultural District. 

The Common Plea is total old school, Rumpole of the Bailey style (why does wikipedia have a Rumpole entry for the tv show, but not the books? Bah.)  The restaurant is dimly lit, and upholstered in dark wood and dark leather.  If it weren’t for the no smoking laws, there would be a thick lingering cloud of cigar smoke.  There was even an old man at the bar in a seersucker suit.

I loved it.


The soup was served in ceramic tureens (I was not quick enough to snap a pic with the lid still on).

The place has novelty, but it also has stand up food.  At lunch, the Common Plea offers a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers, and pastas.  I had a pasta dish with grilled shrimp that was topped with, yes, raisins. It looked totally weird.

It was totally good.


  One thing that I really liked about the Common Plea is that despite their old school vibe, they are 100% on board with social media and attracting new crowds.  They sent a representative to the Visit Pittsburgh social media conference I attended a few months back, and (being a social media nerd) I thought that attention to social media was awesome.
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