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A Screaming Time at the Pumpkin Patch

9 Oct

Literally. She screamed the entire time.

I know that a blog is supposed to be the “highlight reel” of your life, but sometimes living with a toddler is frustrating.  Adorable but OMG frustrating.  Baby Beez is a good sleeper. A GREAT sleeper, really. If she had her way, on the weekends she would wake up at 7am, then lay down for a nap from 10:30am-2:30pm, and then go to bed at 8. I shouldn’t complain about this. A good sleeper is a blessing. However, if we actually want to have family time on the weekends, it makes things complicated. And full of screams.

Mr. Beez and I had the audacity to spend a family afternoon at the pumpkin patch (Hello 30 before 30, take Baby Beez to a U-Pick farm). Baby Beez napped in the car, and when we arrived and woke her up, she was NOT happy. They had pony rides. She asked to ride the pony. I brought her over to the pony. She screamed at the pony. (The pony was good natured, used to bratty behavior, and not offended).

She did manage to enjoy picking up pumpkins and carrying them around.






She smiled for the pictures, but photos are deceiving. These poses were interspersed with flailing and “no!!”




We did manage to make a great dent in our grocery shopping. All this produce for $60! Win.


Baby Beez did  find some small measure of happiness in the corn box. She raked it around and poured it into containers. And she managed to do all of this without throwing herself on the ground, screaming, or punching anyone. She was actually well behaved for that part of the visit.



Ah, the drama of being 2.

Finally Friday and Magical 2’s

14 Sep

Boy, what a week. I came down with something this week.  It wasn’t quite a flu, all I can say is that my whole body HURT and I was exhausted.  I had to go home from work early and sleep one day, I was feeling so awful.  It seems to have cleared up now, thank goodness…just in time for a weekend that I can use to make up the work I would have otherwise done, but for getting sick.  I also got my annual hours report this week, which is simultaneously a relief that I hit my targets, and also a scare/shock about how much time I devoted to work and work-related activities last year.  After seeing those numbers and not feeling the greatest, on Wednesday I decided that YES I really DID need to go home and lie down.

Yesterday was the BlogMob event at the Food Bank, and it was fantastic. I learned so much about the good work that the Food Bank does, and I’m eager to share about it.  I want to devote the proper care and attention that post deserves, so you can expect to see that post early next week.

Now on to musing about the small creature in our house. The Terrible 2’s certainly deserve their rep, but Baby Beez at 2 has also been SO much fun. Her language has developed so much in the last few weeks. She’s gone from 2 word phrases to now making up her own songs. Still excited about her recent birthday, yesterday she sang “Happy Day! Happy Day! Elmo! Juice! Cake!”

She started in the big kids room in daycare this week. In the 1 year old room, she was always a little whiny when I dropped her off. She wanted me to hand her off to a teacher for a few snuggles. Now, in the big kids room, she dashes in and starts playing IMMEDIATELY. She’s not even interested in saying goodbye, she just wants to PLAY.

I think the other kids are inspiring her. She’s been spouting out numbers and letters nonstop this week (she doesn’t necessarily identify the right letters, or yell out the numbers in order, but she’s having fun with them anyway). The kids start on potty training in the big kid room, and she is so excited to tell me about the potty.

She loves, loves, loves her music. At gymnastics last weekend, the teacher played the “Ants Go Marching” song, and Baby Beez marched her way around the room for the whole song. She was very confused by the other kids who continued to climb and play instead of marching to the “Ants Go Marching” song.  That song is for marching of course!

Ah, big girl. I’m proud of you kiddo.


Yum! Blueberry muffins!

And Now We Are Two

5 Sep

Baby Beez turned two today!

Two years ago, she came into this world a tiny screaming peanut.

And one year ago, she was still a bright eyed cheerful baby.

Now she’s two, and not quite so tiny. She’s a firecracker. She’s funny. She’s headstrong. She’s loving. What a sweet girl.

We had a little family get-together this weekend to celebrate.








And to celebrate her birthday today, we visited the park.





And had dinner for breakfast at Eat n Park.




Happy birthday, sweet girl!