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Musings on Weight Watchers

20 Feb

I’m coming up on six months of participation in Weight Watchers.  At first I felt very proud about that, and then I realized how much (or little) weight I have lost in that time period, and I felt pretty crummy.  Weight Watchers is known for slow weight loss.  In my case, it has gone at a glacial pace.  When I feel down about it, I look at the big chart of my weight, and it does show a steady downward slope.  The first 5% of my weight loss came fairly easily, but I’ve had a heckuva time making it to 10%.  I just cashed in a ton of credit card points for an Athleta gift card, and I’ve promised myself some fancy workout gear when I make it to the 10%.

I cannot tie myself to the scale as my only measure.  I’ve noticed some big milestones in this slow journey.  Once tight clothes are fitting better, and clothes that once fit are entirely too loose.  I’ve become more enthusiastic about working out, and have gone from working out once a week (or once every two weeks) to a steady three times per week.  I’ve even put aside the excuses and worked out occasionally during lunchtime.

I’m most proud that the choices have started becoming easier.  It helps that Mr. Beez and I are trying to cut back on dining out, but even when we go to restaurants, it no longer feels like an epic battle between the entree I desperately want and the entree I think I should have.  This is not to say I always make the lowest calorie choice, but no longer does every selection have to be the most decadent plate available.  It is becoming easier for me to make the healthier selection when it’s a run of the mill dinner out, and save the over-the-top ridiculoso selections for special meals.  It’s becoming easier for me to grab (and be happy about) fruits and vegetables as a snack, instead of granola bar after granola bar after granola bar.  Gradually, the magnitude of my “blow it out of the water” days has lessened.  A bad day today is far less bad than a bad day six months ago.

My health generally has had some positive progress.  I wish I could say that I have more energy all the time, but at least I have more energy on the days that I’m working out.  As long as I eat regularly and balanced meals, I no longer have blood sugar crashes.

From my participation in meetings, I’ve learned some invaluable mantras:  A gain isn’t failure, it’s feedback.  Weight Watchers is forever, and if I didn’t do well this week, I’ve got next week to get it back on track.

Good lord I’ve got a long way to go, and it is taking forever to get there.  But with these little steps, there are little successes, and I need to keep moving.

Bad Habits Die Hard

21 Apr

Mr. Beez and I had a fantastic time at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Brewer’s Ball last night.  There were tons of brews to sample, and lots of delicious food! My personal favorites of the night were the cider from Arsenal Cider House, and the short ribs sliders from Fat Heads. YUM.

I know I set a goal of meeting a new person at every event this spring/summer, but I was feeling shy and sheepish.  This was partially because I ALWAYS feel shy and sheepish at events like this, but it didn’t help at all that I felt unfashionable and frumpy.  I stuffed myself into a floral spring dress that I bought nearly 3 years ago.  It’s a fun dress, good for springtime parties, but I was surrounded by people specifically dressed in the latest trends, and I felt BLAH.

I love to window shop online, but I rarely bring myself to actually purchase anything (except for clothes for the office, but even those I don’t purchase often). I’m always promising myself that I’ll buy that when I lose some weight.  For the last two years (actually for the last five years, with a break for pregnancy) I have promised myself a whole new wardrobe when I get down to my goal weight.  That hasn’t happened.  And all I do is beat myself up and make myself uncomfortable in clothes that don’t fit well, or are very plain.  It’s not working.

Today I decided that it’s time to quit that promise.  Yes, I want to get down to my goal weight, but I also work a lot, have a baby who needs playtime and snuggling, and like to go out to decadent restaurants.  Dressing like a frump as a punishment for not meeting my weight goal isn’t fixing any problems.  It’s just making me feel bad.  I decided it’s time to get some decent clothes for my summer events in sizes that fit me NOW.  When I get down to that goal weight, I’ll get new clothes then, too.  But it’s silly to scrape for something to wear, and end up in something ugly and uncomfortable, just because I haven’t met that goal yet.

ASOS is having a fantastic sale right now.  I splurged on a TON of clothes, and paid a fraction of the price.  Seriously, if I had paid full price, I would have only been able to get maybe 3 things. I also love ASOS because it offers free shipping.  I HATE paying for shipping. Thanks to the great sale, my haul was 1 skirt, 2 tops, and 5 dresses. Here’s what I treated myself to:

Obviously, I needed some shoes to go with my new outfits, so I did a little shopping at DSW, too.  Rewards members always get free shipping, and there are frequently great coupon codes easily found online.  I picked up a neutral colored sandal that will work well with many of these dresses for summer events.  I have also been looking for a casual flat to wear with jeans.  Right now I have black patent flats and sneakers, and I wanted something in-between.  I picked all 3 pair for a total of less than $80 (total. not each. I win.)

So even if I’m not at my goal weight, and won’t get there any time soon, at least the new duds will make me look nice and feel confident.  Every girl should get to look nice and feel confident, am I right?