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The New Workout Plan

2 Jul

Ok, so TWICE in the last week I’ve hit “publish” without the post being done.  Sorry that I suck at the internet, folks.

After the last few weeks of insanity at work, I’ve realized that I really truly need to make time for frequent exercise.  If I can make time for happy hour, I can make time for the gym.  And Baby Beez will find a way to survive if Daddy puts her to bed on gym nights instead of me.

One of my 30 before 30 goals is to visit a personal trainer 3 times.  I went for 1 personal training appointment, and the trainer ran me through some weight machines I was already familiar with, and while it was nice to have someone keeping track of my reps for me, I didn’t really learn anything or feel challenged.

I know that a personal trainer is great if you are working toward a specific goal.  What about if your goal is just to get your butt off the couch? Is it totally weird to get a personal training package just to have someone waiting for me at the gym so I HAVE to show up?

I’d like to do some group exercise classes.  I’ll start with a low goal- like 1 class each week.  The gym has a cardio/weights class on Sunday mornings that I could make, and it’s not like Baby Beez lets me sleep in anyway.

How do you hold yourself accountable for working out? What do you do to get your butt to the gym?